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It's hilarious to me that people are freaking out about Dak Prescott struggling. The guy was never a stud, drop back passing QB at State. That was never his game and it only hurts him to try and make him play that way. Last season it worked because he had 10 seconds to throw the ball and receivers naturally got open. This year that's not happening and it's hitting him hard. 

When you have him bootleg or play action he does well but they're asking him to sit back and scan the field, something he was never asked to do in college. It takes years to learn how to play within the pocket. It was quite easy to see Dak would have a tough time if the Cowboys OL and Zeke took a step back. I think he'll be an okay NFL QB but he's not the franchise stud people fooled themselves into believing he'd be. 

If Dallas somehow ends up with a top 10 pick they should go QB. The exact same thing the redskins should've done when they started to realize Robert couldn't play, only our issue was we had no draft picks left due to the trade. 

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Man what a glorious day yesterday watching the young pup (our own McVay) give it to the boys, and then TB putting probably the final nail in the midgets coffin.  I am so freaking sick listening to "how bout them Cowboys and Dak this and Zeke that).  What happened last year with them happened to us with Robert, league didn't know how to defend them.  Now they are coming back to earth.

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30 minutes ago, HTTRG3Dynasty said:


Florida Man sets himself on fire after losing Cowboys-Packers bet to his wife


Semi-related story.  I never make bets on Redskins games, would be foolish.  But a guy I know is an obnoxious Cowboys fan and he was running his mouth extra special one day so I took him up on a bet for the upcoming Redskins-Cowboys game that year.  The bet was the winner got to burn the other guys jersey, my Sean Taylor jersey vs. his Emmitt Smith jersey.  

Well game day comes, and I'm miserable through most of the game as the Skins are their usual selves.  But, this was the MNF Brunell to Santana Moss twice in the last 4 min game, and we won in spectacular fashion.

So I came in the next day rubbing it in his face like all other.  Got a bucket, lit the Smith jersey on fire and chuckled while people took pictures.  Then molten nylon ran down onto my fingers.....

I didn't go to the hospital but I probably should have.  My fingers hurt for like 2 weeks.  Moral of the story, if you're gloating with a burning Cowboys jersey in your hand, go ahead and set it down before it drips on you.  

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