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49era 2023 OTA thread

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36 minutes ago, Forge said:


Doesn't lift his elbow and hand as high in the wind-up but also seems like he pushes his hand forward quicker because of that. Small tweaks but could have a big impact.

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25 minutes ago, 49erurtaza said:


One practice, so no biggie....but I reiterate...if Zane Gonzalez is just a better NFL kicker than Moody right now, it's not the least bit surprising. 

People forget how highly Gonzalez was regarded coming out of college. His last year he was 23 / 25, 6/6 from 40-50 and 7/9 from 50+. He also hit a 59 yarder. His biggest issue came on shorter field goals, which is kind of funny (he missed 5 XPs over his college career, 3 fgs from less than 30 yards, 6 from less than 40). 

Gonzalez was a good NFL kicker 2 years ago...though it's the only year where he was a good nfl kicker...but that's kind of the thing...it usually take several years for a young kicker to hit their stride. 


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