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BOLD Predictions 2023

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Falcons win 11 games and win the NFC South.

Desmond Ridder cements his spot as a franchise QB for the Falcons with a 3900+ yard, 25+ TD, <12 INT season as a passer.

Saints, Panthers and Buccs miss the playoffs

Vikings miss the playoffs after going 7-10.

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  • Geno turns back into a pumpkin and the Seahawks are left pondering their future
  • The Lions fall back to earth after playing above their heads last year (I hope this one doesn't actually happen...but)
  • Russ duplicates last year to proves hes washed and gets released in the offseason
  • The Ravens new offense causes 1st year hiccups with Jackson and they finish last in the AFCN
  • The Falcons make the playoffs by leading the NFL in rushing attempts
  • The Bills conquer the Chiefs in the AFC and win the SB over the......Cowboys
  • The Giants win a playoff game and become the real story in NYC and the A-aron Jets become a afterthought
  • The Texans win the AFCS and Stroud wins ROTY because he is, in fact, him.
  • Dolphins miss the playoffs because of a unstable QB situation all year.
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  • Trevor Lawrence takes another big step, wins MVP.
  • Jordan Love sells himself as a franchise QB.
  • Cowboys are a bottom 5 team in the league. Dak falls apart. Rebuild begins next year.
  • Jalen Hurts takes a step back after teams having a year of tape on him.
  • Rams stay healthy. Win NFC West. Stafford is MVP candidate.**



**Homer hot take.



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5 minutes ago, BStanRamFan said:

Cowboys are a bottom 5 team in the league. Dak falls apart. Rebuild begins next year

That is an insane take. And this is coming from someone that loathes Dallas. They have way too much young/prime talent to have to rebuild. Dak could be brutal, sure. But the rest of the team is talented enough to carry them to mediocrity at worst. & Dak falling apart may happen, but they’ve got a good RB room, borderline elite WR room, a very good TE room full of young players, an aged but good OL, the league’s best young defensive player, Diggs, and some good young athletes smattered along that defense.

I hope you’re right and they fall apart, but to the point that a rebuild would be in order is insanely unlikely. 

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