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Preseason, Week 3: VIKINGS (0-2) vs. Cardinals (1-1)


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Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson picked a good one to end on. The quarterback and receiver connected for a 32-yard, go-ahead touchdown for Minnesota's first-team offense against Arizona's first-team defense in the end-of-game situation Thursday.

The crisp delivery and clean catch of the football wrapped up a drive that began at the 50-yard line with 1:00 on the clock and the Vikings trailing 24-20. Cousins opened the possession with a pass to Johnny Mundt and followed with a short completion to Jefferson before going for the gusto on what should be the final snap for either player against another team until Week 1 when the Vikings open the 2023 regular season by hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The touchdown also gave the fans attending the final open day of training camp a reason to cheer, but it wasn't the only one. On the adjacent field, the Vikings first-team defense kept the Cardinals first-team offense from finding similar success.

Arizona's possession began with promise via a quick completion by Colt McCoy, but the drive backtracked with penalties. McCoy's throw on fourth-and-long was nabbed by former Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy, Jr., who followed up a big Wednesday with another impressive showing against the team that drafted him in the second round in 2019.

The Vikings second-team defense also kept the Cardinals second-team offense from driving past the 25-yard line on its opportunity.


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If Minnesota cannot looked good today against Arizona that is just sad.  The Arizona Cardinals have arguably the worst worst in football top to bottom, so they should be able to at least look ok against them one would think.  But they are playing better football with Gannon and the energy he has brought on defense. 


Would be nice if the Vikings showed a tiny bit of a run game for once and controlling the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball.

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