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New Titania ReDraft Fantasy League


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Haha. I randomized the draft order twice and both times it gave me first pick. Was not comfortable with that so I ran it again. lol.

Order is as follows.











Draft at 630. See Y'all in there.

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That was weird. Never had issues like that before with them. Hopefully it didn't skew anything too much.

Whoever TwoToneTitans, I adjusted your picks so you didn't get all defensive players. The autopick was bugging out. He ended up getting a solid team anyway.

Hopefully everyone elses draft ended up alright. Sorry. The sleeper app has some nice in season stuff for leagues, from a user interface standpoint.

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Just now, VY-FTW said:

Guys I am soooooo SOOOO sorry I've never missed a draft before and damn it I just got home. Thank you for not letting my team get all messed up srs my bad boys wont be inactive I just had a bad day smh

All good. At the end of the day it's all for fun. Only league I am in, so I am excited. I tried to patch up your team during and after the draft. Hop in there and add and drop some guys if you need to.

Cheers fellas. Have fun.

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