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Josh Jacobs agrees to one year deal


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On the plus side, he gets 2M more now, and because of the conditions for a 2nd tag, 2.4M more next year to 14.4M (20 percent increase from 2023 salary or the tag #, whichever is higher), than if he signed the original 10M tag (and then gets 13M in 2024 - projected 2024 RB tag).    So he guaranteed himself 3.4M more by holding out than if he had signed.   He and his agent can save some face here.

On the flip side, though, he didn't get that long-term deal, and it doesn't sound like he got a no-tag provision for next year.   So securing future years of guaranteed money beyond the current year didn't happen (the 2024 tag obv isn't locked in yet, so a serious injury could derail things there).   Once the tag deadline passed, there was no chance of an extension, but a 1-year deal with a no-tag provision was possible.  

Obviously, Raiders should be delighted to have him back (along with his fantasy managers lol).   Now it's just J-Taylor and the FA RB's left out there.....

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1 minute ago, ACO said:

The way the owners won this battle. All the RBs folded. They made a lot of noise for a whole lotta nothing.

Under the CBA, the RB's really have no leverage.    Even if Jacobs held out, he'd have to return before Week 8-10 (depending on who you believe) so the contract tolls and the new tag amounts apply.   And once the tag wasn't signed there is no extension that can be done.

The ONLY thing Jacobs could have received besides more $ in a 1-year deal was a no-tag clause, so he would definitely hit FA (or get extended long-term) next year.   Other than that, there was no other outcome.  It was just going to be when Jacobs reported, not if.

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3 minutes ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

Most of that is likely full guaranteed. It's a good deal for him. 

The fact he beat Saquon in the same situation by 10%+ is an amazing deal for him. I would take this as a win for Jacobs given a multi-year wasn't possible at this stage.

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