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Josh Jacobs agrees to one year deal


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7 hours ago, ACO said:

The way the owners won this battle. All the RBs folded. They made a lot of noise for a whole lotta nothing.

I think this is a fairly reasonable compromise. Owners and teams obviously think the long term risk isn't worth it, so the RBs got both more security with more cash now and more potential flexibility down the line by making the 2nd tag more expensive. Teams make sure the players aren't coming in unhappy for a few million guaranteed instead of $20M++ guaranteed.

And bigger picture the more RBs do this on one year deals, the more the AAV goes up, the more the tag is prohibitively expensive (especially if now the market expects this little "make me happy" surcharge on top), at some point teams will have to start letting RBs go to FA without the exclusive tag. So a battle win for the owners, maybe a smart tactical step in the war by the RBs.

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