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Practice Squad happenings

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34 minutes ago, viking said:

I may be drinking the purple kool aid but the practice squad looks strong this year?


A hand full of players I could have seen making the 53 


Williams, Vilain, Day, Vigil, Thomas

I think we all drink a little of the purple kool-aid.  Not like the Bears fans seem to be with their team (as I see on Twitter), thinking they're going to win 10+ games. 

I think it helps that a few of the guys on the practice squad this year also were on it last year (Trishton Jackson, TJ Smith, Day)...or even were stashed on the 53-man (Benton Whitley, Vilain) along with the veterans that have starting experience like Jojuan Williams, Vigil and Adeniji.



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Adofo-Mensah: "This roster's a result of a really spirited training camp where we competed out there every day, and we feel like the result is a team – not just the 53 but also the practice squad – built to sustain the season for the long haul, and we're excited about that."


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