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Semiopen On Cinema Mafia: Mafia wins!

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Sign up for this mafia game.

Its a 9 person game

7 town

2 scum

Semiopen setup

Flavor will be On Cinema characters, but the characters will be randomized are to which role they get, so claiming character will have no bearing on role or alignment

Possible power roles:

I will randomize a column and row.

The remaining roles will be filled with vanilla town and a mafia goon

7-2 ratio

Mafia Roleblocker
Mafia Rolecop
Mafia Goon
Row 1
Town Cop and Town Doctor
Town Tracker and Town Friendly Neighbor
Town Cop and Vanilla Townie
Row 2
Town Jailkeeper and Town Tracker
Town Jailkeeper and Town Friendly Neighbor
Town Jailkeeper and Vanilla Townie
Row 3
Town Mason and Town Mason
Town Tracker and Town Doctor
Town Mason and Town Mason
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1. Bold your vote  to vote someone out.

2. Dont reach out to players outside the thread

3. Hybrid rules: If any player gets a majority of votes at any point, they will be evicted right there and then. 

4. If a tie at the deadline, the votes on the tied players will be locked. Any other player will have 30 minutes to vote for a tied player. If still a tie, it will be no eviction.

5. Day ends at 7:00pm central time. Votes at 7:00 count. Votes at 7:01 dont


Sample town pm:


"You are a Vanilla Townie.

You have no special abilities.

You win when all threats to the Town have been eliminated."

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