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I'm going to copy mine from May in NFL Gen


AFC East:
1. Buffalo Bills 13-4 (4-2)
2. Miami Dolphins 10-7 (4-2)
3. New York Jets  9-8 (2-4)
4. New England Patriots 6-11 (2-4)

AFC North:
1. Cincinnati Bengals 12-5 (4-2)
2. Baltimore Ravens  10-7 (3-3)
3. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-8 (3-3)
4. Cleveland Browns 8-9 (2-4)

AFC South:
1. Jacksonville Jaguars 11-6 (5-1)
2. Houston Texans 7-10 (3-3)
3. Indianapolis Colts 6-11 (2-4)
4. Tennessee Titans  5-12 (2-4)

AFC West:
1. Kansas City Chiefs 13-4(5-1)
2. Los Angeles Chargers 11-6 (3-3)
3. Denver Broncos 8-9 (3-3)
4. Las Vegas Raiders 5-12 (2-4)

NFC East:
1. Philadelphia Eagles 13-4 (5-1)
2. Dallas Cowboys 11-6 (3-3)
3. New York Giants 7-10 (3-3)
4. Washington Commanders 5-12 (1-5)

NFC North:
1. Detroit Lions 11-6 (4-2)
2. Minnesota Vikings 10-7 (3-3)
3. Chicago Bears  7-10 (3-3)
4. Green Bay Packers 6-11 (2-4)

NFC South:
1. New Orleans Saints 8-9 (4-2)
2. Atlanta Falcons 8-9 (3-3) 
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-12 (3-3)
4. Carolina Panthers  4-13 (2-4)

NFC West:
1. San Francisco 49ers 14-3 (5-1)
2. Seattle Seahawks 9-8 (4-2)
3. Arizona Cardinals 5-12 (2-4)
4. Los Angeles Rams 5-12 (1-5)

#1 Overall Draft Pick: Carolina Panthers

Most Valuable Player:QB Josh Allen

Offensive Player of the Year: QB Jalen Hurts

Defensive Player of the Year: DL Chris Jones

Offensive Rookie of the Year: QB CJ Stroud

Defensive Rookie of the Year: EDGE Will Anderson (yep, HOU doubles down on ROTY awards)

Comeback Player of the Year: S Damar Havlin

Coach of the Year: HC Kyle Shanahan

AFC Championship Game: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs

NFC Championship Game:Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl: Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl Champs:San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl MVP: HB Christian McCaffrey


I'll also say I think CHI doesn't get the ideal proof that Fields is or is not the franchise QB to back the Brinks truck up for. In typical Bears fashion there will likely be stretches of near-elite play followed by Tebow-like passing, and the running game again is the key factor for the offense to run. Fields definitely is more consistent than last year but the questions become more about if Fields was elevated by the supporting cast or holding the supporting cast back.

Moore has a banger of a season, Herbert leads the team in rushing and rushes for just over 1100 yards, there are still questions whether Mooney or Claypool should get the extension, and Kmet makes me look like a fool for being a better receiver than I thought he could have been. Jenkins continues the injury woes, Jones shows spurts of elite play with getting manhandled in the same game, Whitehair is done, Patrick finds a way to get benched without injury.

Defense is competent but still has enough miscues that we wonder if Eberflus and Williams are as good on the defensive side as they were supposed to be, but Yannick has another really good season as a passrusher while being a liability vs the run (and one of the issues is that he plays way too many snaps while being such a liability), Edmunds is a beast, Edwards is solid but not as good has he has been recently without the ridiculous DL play he has had, Johnson plays 11 games causing more concerns for his durability and contract problem, and Sanborn gets on the field more than a SAM normally would and has some of us clamoring for him to take Edwards' spot for 2024. Ejax plays well enough some want him to stay one more year and the others vehemently are against it.


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Our schedule does seem particularly weak. The first ten games of the schedule could easily be 7-3 or so. But I won’t be a homer and assume our patchwork or lack-thereof is enough. 7-10. We don’t lose less than 6, we don’t win more than 8

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1 hour ago, beardown3231 said:

If the Panthers have the worst record in football, I'll do a handstand down my stairs. Of course I would then not see what the Bears do with the #1 pick because I'll be either in a coma or grave

I know they won't, but also put that in the middle of May, the bulk of the talent they signed was after that. Theilen, Sanders, Chark, Anderson, Rowe, etc. At that point Dalton or Bell was the best signing they had.

I had high hopes at the time but they weren't stupid as I hoped. lol

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1. Bagent starts at least 6 games, at least 2 of which Fields is healthy for, but stays benched for, to close out the season. He ends up playing decently well (and despite limited action, was on pace for ~3800 passing if he played the whole year). There is a VERY real conversation about whether he showed enough to avoid drafting a QB in the offseason... but a high risk of Kirk Cousins  (ie good enough to keep him around, but not good enough to win anything)

2. Total year end offensive stats are something along the like of 3200 passing, 2300 rushing yards.

3. Both of the above stats make the offense look way better than  it actually is. The running game is going to struggle with the OL being an issue, and get supplemented heavily with Fields rushing..... and the passing game is going to look way better than it actually is with Moore, Scott, and even Velus snagging super explosive high yardage YAC plays.

4. Fields does improve his average passing yards per game from the pathetic 140-150 range he's been in to ~170 before getting hurt. Bagent comes in averaging closer to 225, but a ton of it will be on screens w/ YAC.

5. Bagents first game as starter with a gameplan made for him instead of Fields is going to go off, for something like 350yards passing.... mostly because the offense is different schematically than any of our previous tape and we dial up some screens against the run.

5. Tonyan leads receiving TDs,

6. Fields is traded in the offseason.

7. Roschon ends up as RB 1 by week 10.

8. Moore has a career year yardage wise

9. There's still big questions about both mooney and claypool going into the offseason.

10. Overall record is 7-11.... I was much more optimistic about this team after the draft than I am now.

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If I where Bagent or a relative, I'd probably have faith in us NOT drafting a QB next year....  Which is exactly what I see us doing.

I never said he'd be great, I just said he'd be more productive than Fields on this team, who is behind where even Mitch was at this point in his career.

Fields has every chance to prove me wrong, and I genuinely hope he does, hell I'll even buy his jersey if he does (it'll be my only non RB non Hester jersey)... I just have ZERO faith in that happening. I just haven't seen the growth.

Bagent on the other hand, we haven't seen his ceiling (or maybe we have, and that was already it), but odds are good he's also not gonna get it done. I like his chances a hell of a lot better than Fields' at this point though.  One of them can run an offense and get the ball out on time and make easy plays look easy. The other is Fields....and honestly Fields at this point feels a lot like Mitch... people keep huffing the hopium that he'll somehow dramatically change, but I'll believe it when I actually see it on the Field.

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