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On 9/4/2023 at 10:00 PM, Epyon said:

1. Bagent starts at least 6 games, at least 2 of which Fields is healthy for, but stays benched for, to close out the season. He ends up playing decently well (and despite limited action, was on pace for ~3800 passing if he played the whole year). There is a VERY real conversation about whether he showed enough to avoid drafting a QB in the offseason... but a high risk of Kirk Cousins  (ie good enough to keep him around, but not good enough to win anything)

2. Total year end offensive stats are something along the like of 3200 passing, 2300 rushing yards.

3. Both of the above stats make the offense look way better than  it actually is. The running game is going to struggle with the OL being an issue, and get supplemented heavily with Fields rushing..... and the passing game is going to look way better than it actually is with Moore, Scott, and even Velus snagging super explosive high yardage YAC plays.

4. Fields does improve his average passing yards per game from the pathetic 140-150 range he's been in to ~170 before getting hurt. Bagent comes in averaging closer to 225, but a ton of it will be on screens w/ YAC.

5. Bagents first game as starter with a gameplan made for him instead of Fields is going to go off, for something like 350yards passing.... mostly because the offense is different schematically than any of our previous tape and we dial up some screens against the run.

5. Tonyan leads receiving TDs,

6. Fields is traded in the offseason.

7. Roschon ends up as RB 1 by week 10.

8. Moore has a career year yardage wise

9. There's still big questions about both mooney and claypool going into the offseason.

10. Overall record is 7-11.... I was much more optimistic about this team after the draft than I am now.

1. Bagent played in 5 total games, only starting 4.  He was NOT good enough to supplant Fields.... I didn't know he had a noodle arm at the time I made this prediction. He was also on pace for 3289 passing yards for the season (counting only his 4 starts, averaged out, x 17 games) Fields on pace for 3641 (again not counting the minn game where fields got hurt)

2. Predicted 5500 total offense... We're at 5303 with one game remaining.  2300 rushing prediction = 2324 current rushing.  3200 passing prediction = current is 3273

I'm a game off on my prediction

3. Dead right on the offense not being as good as the numbers would hint.... DEAD WRONG on the rest. The running game was fine (though still heavily carried by Fields) and the passing game looks like Booty, with only Moore and Kmet contributing

4. Field's average discounting the minnesota game is now at 214. That ain't that bad, and way above where I expected. Bagent was at 194 without Minnesota, but dead right on how the passing game worked with bagent

5. Dead wrong 162 yards

6. Tonyan has 0 TDs this year... Epic wrong.

7. I'll give myself quarter credit here... Herbert is still RB1, but Roschon has worked his way into a starter rotation.


9. Gonna say half credit at best on Mooney, outright wrong on Claypool.... There's no question Claypool is booty.... Mooney  the big question is "what in the hell happened, man?" Big doubts Mooney is here next year, so I guess that's worth half credit.

10. We'll see this Sunday.... if we lose I'm right (on wins)... If we win, we're 8-9.... I never did edit that post to say 17 games instead of 18 XD

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