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Rank the last 5 Super Bowl champions from most surprising to you to the least


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Based off what you thought of these teams prior to week 1 of those season


The first on your list I’ll be the one that surprised you the most that they won the title to the one that surprised you the least that they won the title 


2022 Chiefs 

2021  Rams

2020 Bucs

2019 Chiefs

2018 Patriots

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2022 Chiefs (with the lost of Tyreek Hill I didn't expect them to have much of a chance)

2020 Bucs (Was quite surprised but gave them more of a chance than the 2022 Chiefs)

2019 Chiefs (gave them a chance but wasn't my Super Bowl pick)

2018 Pats (A Pats team winning it all? Not surprised, but they weren't my pre season pick)

2021 Rams (The team I picked to win it all before the season started. So they are here by default)

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2020 Bucs - definitely didn't think Brady would win a Super Bowl in year #1 with Tampa. Very surprised.

2018 Patriots - Thought the Pats were going to decline in the sense that I didn't see them reaching a third straight Super Bowl. Surprised.

2021 Rams - Pegged the Rams to do very well, wasn't sure whether Stafford would prove the difference-maker in year #1 though. Somewhat surprised.

2022 Chiefs - Never doubted Mahomes, but thought the loss of Hill combined with the strength of the AFC would make it a little harder to win. A tiny amount of surprise.

2019 Chiefs - I was fully on board with the Mahomes train but thought it might be a little early in his career to win a championship. Ultimately, though, not surprised.

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2020 Bucs - This doesn't meet the OP criteria, but through ~8 weeks of the regular season, I thought the offense had no chemistry.

2018 Patriots - Truly felt like the Patriots' dynasty(s) was over. 

2019 Chiefs

2022 Chiefs 

2021  Rams - Would've been shocked had they not won. Writing was on the wall when the league pushed hard for LA; the nail in the coffin was the 3rd down Wilson call.

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