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Washington Vs Arizona Snap Counts


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QB Howell - 71 (100%)

OL - All the starters pretty much 100% other than Cosmi who missed a few while being tested for a concussion. 

OL Ricky Stromberg - 3 (4.23%) - came in for Cosmi when he was being tested. So he was the first off the bench for an interior lineman going down. 

WR McLaurin - 63 (88.73%)

WR Dotson - 62 (87.32%) - Dotson appears to be the clearly defined #2 WR as he had significantly more snaps than Curtis Samuel. 

WR Samuel - 46 (64.79%)

WR Dyami Brown - 19 (26.76%) - he played less snaps than our #2 TE, meaning we ran more 2 TE packages than 4 WR ones. Idk if this was by design or if they changed protection schemes because the Oline was getting manhandled. 

Other WRs - 0 - no other WR took an offensive snap. 

TE Thomas - 58 (81.69%) 

TE Bates - 26 (36.62%) 

TE Turner - 10 (14.08%) - I'd like to see his higher going forward

RB Robinson - 43 (60.56%) 

RB Gibson - 25 (35.21%) 

RB Rodriguez - 3 (4.23) 



LB Barton - 62 (100%) - this is interesting, he played significantly more snaps than Jamin Davis. Barton must be calling the plays for the defense. 

LB Davis - 40 (64.52%) - they must have been pulling him off the field in obvious passing situations. 

Other LBs - 0 - no other linebacker on the roster played a snap

CB Fuller - 62 (100%) 

CB St-Juste - 62 (100%) 

CB Forbes - 40 (64.52%) 

Other CBs - 0 - no other CB played a snap. They basically swapped Forbes and Butler in and out. Also this with the linebacker snaps shows we ran a Nickle or Dime formation the entire game and didn't have a traditional 4-3 look at any time. 

S Curl - 62 (100%)

S Forrest - 62 (100%)

S Butler - 33 (53.23%) - I'm hoping Martin gets these snaps eventually. 

DT Allen - 57 (91.94%) - the most of any dlineman

DT Payne - 50 (80.65%) 

DT Ridgeway - 16 (25.81%) 

DT Anderson - 10 (16.13%) - if you add all of these DT snaps up it is 133 snaps, which means we had at least 2 DTs on the field at all times and we must of had some sets where we had 3 on the field at a time (if we only had 2 it would only total 124 snaps). Based on his high snap total my guess is Allen played some DE. 

DE Sweat - 51 (82.26%) 

DE Smith-Williams - 42 (67.74%) - looks like he got the nod to take Chase Young's snaps. 

DE Toohill - 29 (46.77% - I would imagine when Young gets back his snap will fall off drastically 

DE Andre Jones - 4 (6.45%) - it interesting that both A) he was active and B) made it onto the field this early as a rookie. 


The top guys on Special Teams were: 

DE Jones - 24 (88.89%)

LB Mayo - 24 (88.89%)

LB Hudson - 24 (88.89%)

CB Holmes - 24 (88.89%)

S Reaves - 24 (88.89%)

RB Rodriguez - 20 (74.07%)

CB Martin - 18 (66.67%)

S Butler - 13 (48.15%)

DE Henry - 13 (48.15%)


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I agree with everything said except I see no reason for Martin to get snaps over Butler. Butler had a good offseason, a good preseason and has earned those snaps. 

As I thought even when we drafted Forbes, St. Juste would still get the nod there often especially in the start of the season. I had some guy arguing with me on Twitter in July that Quan Martin was going to start/play over St Juste at slot CB, and Juice is actually getting snaps over Forbes at the moment. Juice is a really solid CB, he can play outside, slot, and big Nickwl bc of his 6’3, 200 lb size. He's a CB who’a size of a safety and he's a good tackler in run support.

Barton is definitely the Mike, he's calling the plays. He’ll be on the field every snap, Jamin was taken off for Butler or one of the CBs some, but not often when we went 1 LB & 6 DBs.

They have to find a way to get Gibson the ball more in space. I guess this goes to your point about us running a lot of 2 TE sets and not many w/ 3 wide or using Gibson in space often. Once we got the lead in the 2nd half we ran the ball mostly and played to the strength of our team the D. Howell only threw 7 passes in the 2nd half after having the 2 turnovers which led to 10 Cardinals points on the 2nd quarter; the int & the fumble which was returned for a TD.

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