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2023 GDT 0-1 Steelers vs. 1-0 Da Browns

Do the Steelers Bounce Back with a win versus Da Browns?  

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  1. 1. Do the Steelers Bounce Back with a win versus Da Browns?

    • Yeah, they bounce back!
    • You're a homer and you're dreaming!
    • They tie. Like kissing your great aunt and she slips you the tongue. Yuck!!!

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It doesn't get any easier. In the immortal words of LT, "Son, y'all gotta do better than this!"

Who: Da Browns

When: Monday Night, September 18, 2023 at 8:15 pm

Where: Pittsburgh, PA 



The Steelers' offense needs to get back in the groove. Don't get out of who and what you are: A ball control run to set up the pass offense. However, to do this the 

OL has to open some holes for Najee, Jalen, and Anthony to have at least a crack to run through. The Steelers need more like 30 - 35 rushing attempts and 10.



Time to make him more of a focal point of the passing game.  Instead of relying on him to make the spectacular and big play, make him more of the routine passing attack. He has great hands, use them to make some routine plays, and put the offense in a favorable position instead of behind the down marker.


The Steelers have a pretty good pass rusher as well. 


A better effort from the secondary wouldn't hurt either.


Can the Steelers win this game? Yes! Can they lose this and fall to 0-2? Yes!  The real question is what will they do?


You may get a better answer or prediction from her.......😁

Steelers barely win 23-19!  As usual, not great, not pretty, but I do believe this group is resilient. I also believe the Browns are much better than many are giving them credit for being. it's a home division game and they need to win for more reasons than one. 



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I think this fanbase is at it's boiling point with this offense. Another slow start and the boo birds will be loud. if the offense stinks it up the whole game. I can see fire Canada chants. I'm personally over seeing piss poor offense. Going on 5 seasons of this..

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3 minutes ago, August4th said:

I think this fanbase is at it's boiling point with this offense. Another slow start and the boo birds will be loud. if the offense stinks it up the whole game. I can see fire Canada chants. I'm personally over seeing piss poor offense. Going on 5 seasons of this..

We all definitely are. However, as much as I am not the hugest Canada fan, it honestly is not all him. He didn't run 20 jet sweeps or any of the other stuff. Kenny was off and rattled. He missed some open receivers and when he completed the ball, they were not always the most catchable passes. The OL has to play much better. Najee, Jalen, and McFarland did not consistently have room or holes to run through. Like you said, we have been saying to get the offense in second down and 4 or 5 rather than 10 or 12.  The Steelers are far better when they play like that as most teams are. You have to help your team by doing that. The offense was not in enough manageable third downs. They played to the 49ers' strengths. CMC running for more than 150 yards and the lack of consistent pressure on Purdy despite some of the sacks helped SF dictate on offense. The Steelers need the same formula. I am nit so sure it was because of just coaching as much as I put a lot of it on the play pf the players. No doubt out couched and performed, but not so sure that 75% - 80% of that was poor Matt Canada or poor consistent execution by the players. There were some open receivers and opportunities, but the Steelers players didn't execute as the 49ers did.  The Browns shut down a great Bengals offense.  If the Steelers do some things well, they can (not saying they will) have better offensive results. Matt Canada looks a lot smarter when Kenny's accurate, the OL opens holes, and Najee and Jalen are running well. All of a sudden Matt looks like Einstein and not the bagels.


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2 minutes ago, jebrick said:

I watched the Browns/Bengals last week and I expect a score of 35-6 in favor of the Browns

Most would after how they played versus how the Steelers played. However, this is the most inconsistent team.  They played well in the first two opening games against tough opponents to lay an egg the next week. I have a feeling that they do the opposite and play much better. Will the improvements be enough to win is the question. I just don't see them getting blown out in two home games consecutively. Win or lose, I think they have a better offensive and defensive performance. Bigger game for us than the Browns. You gotta win those home division games. 

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28 minutes ago, August4th said:

You know the season is back when the NFL community points out how AMATEUR your offense is


There may be some truth to this. Dan has come off as a bit of a Steeler hater though, so I realize he will pile on at every opportunity given. I hear this a lot about Matt Canada.  In today's game, everyone wants complexity.  However, if you can be effective by simply being better, you can.  By being better, I mean execution.  Yes, some things are schematic, but a lot is simply being better. The Steelers were not necessarily outsmarted Sunday but outplayed. 

Example: On Ayuk's second TD catch, Pat Pete had excellent coverage,  but Ayuk wanted it more and came down with the ball. Canada will get called out when an offense with talent scores 7 points. He is the OC and yes owns that. However, he is not necessarily the root cause of the players not doing what they should. Kenny had a bad game. Canada gets the blame for that.  The OL got beat like a drum. Canada is the blame for that. I am being objective here as I am not the biggest Matt Canada fan. 

As fans, we tend to be called homers. As nonfans, they tend to be called haters.  That is how Dan sometimes comes off when talking about the Steelers in general.  They lost and deserve criticism. I would just like objective criticism. How many errant throws were there? How many missed open receivers were there? How many bad decisions were made in throwing to the wrong receiver/read? How many plays couldn't be set because of pressure? Yes, Matt Canada could have tried to run more to balance the attack, but I can only think of one successful rushing attempt in the 9 or 10 they had. He could have run 10 more times and had the same results, and the same argument of, "Matt Canada is stupid, they can't run and he keeps putting the offense in a bad situation. You get this when you lose badly. 

You shut your critics and haters up by performing and winning. Until they do and perform better, you get this. The 49ers had a balanced attack because they were successful, running, passing, blocking, and playing defense. The punt team was even better at putting the ball inside the 10.  Tough game and the 49ers were just better that day. That's why they won.

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1 hour ago, warfelg said:

I want to see Benton play Cam’s spot TBH.  I think putting him in a gap at the DT/DE spot with his run stuffing ability would be amazing for our defense.

Linval Joseph for NT, trade Adams  and maybe bring in Suh to replace Loudermilk is what I would consider . Adams has effort but lacks at the point of attack.  Loudermilk shouldn't be on the team either. Thats the problem, they accept this type of player and get these types of results.  Perhaps consider a change with proven vets? Makes sense to me

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6 minutes ago, August4th said:

DJ is expected to Miss 4 weeks 

He’s not going to be right the entire season. I’m also very leery of soft tissue injuries. Once a player starts having them they never really get right. 

I talked to a physiologist about it before due to the field I work in and he told me my theory is basically spot on. Basically most people with soft tissue issues don’t properly rest it. Yes even with a hamstring issue you should be on crutches. Instead people limp, overusing the opposing leg, and over using other muscles in the same leg. The over use causes tension, so when the original injury heals and the other muscles are then asked to stretch, they start pulling and getting damaged. 

Even grade 1 pulls should have 3-4 weeks of rest before rehab, which should take 2-4 more weeks. 

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7 hours ago, jebrick said:

Conklin is out for the season for the Browns but I fully expect them to have 40+ rushes in the game.  They have Garrett and Z. Smith and they can get after the QB quick.

D.Jones will be an avalanche in the run game,  Conklin is better at pass pro.  But OTOH does their coach know this or will he try to force passing the ball when they should just run all over this depleted front? 

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