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Don’t fire Brandon Staley… yet.


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Ok, so my mind has not been changed that it’s time to can Telesco and Staley but let me say not yet. I think we needed a short list of Telesco replacements last year and need to start really evaluating what we want. Kellen Moore should be really looked at for most of the season to see if we have an interim head coach before thrusting the duties upon him. And if Staley goes this defense doesn’t have a soul left on it ready to take over as DC. It’s a  total mockery with what talent the defense has. Anyway canning Staley now is going to have Herbert playing hero ball all year. Wait until week 10 or so and can Telesco once you’re ready to interview the short list of GM candidates. Staley goes and the new GM can start evaluating for the next HC. If Kyle Shanahan has worn his welcome out in SF, he’d be the first person on my list. 

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Well, it's Spanos.  So neither will be going in-season.

If Dean is capable of learning from past mistakes, he'll at-minimum genuinely consider firing Staley at season's end to get in early on appointing Moore as HC - the way Herbert is playing this season, Kellen is at minimum going to get multiple interviews for HC positions next February  The concern then becomes if Dean does what Dean do and then either uses the insistence of the Moore promotion to either keep Telesco around or makes the Moore hiring a contingency of any GM hire he might make (along with the obvious "John-boy still gets his corner office and to feel like he's the actual GM/personnel guy).  The later might not be a terrible thing if it weren't for the parenthetic bit, if a prime talent evaluator could be brought in, particularly one Moore already had familiarity with.

You then go and have Moore follow the McVay/McDaniels approach to being a first-time HC and hiring a former HC as his DC (even if on an expected limited timeline) and to serve as a HC-mentor to him (the ideal one with the trajectory his current team appears on this season would be Vrabel if the Titans are dumb enough to fire him; though Eberflus is a solid option as well and, let's face it, he gone at the end of the season the way things are going in Chicago presently - also, I'd have to check dates, but I believe Moore was on-roster at least one year as backup QB in Dallas when Eberflus was their LB coach before Indy hired him away to be their DC).

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I'm going with the general concensus that if the Chargers don't make the play offs, Staley is fired. I sincerely fear that the window is getting MUCH smaller with any hopes of getting to the playoffs this year.

Honest question: would they really fire Staley in the middle of the season?

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