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George Iloka Suspension Reduced to Fine


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2 hours ago, INbengalfan said:

Wow.  Can't wait to see the Steeler fans reactions, or at least the trolls that pop in CJ.


I'm actually shocked, because I could see intent with that hit.

I absolutely think Iloka made the hit on purpose. The reason I think it was reduced was it WAS a football play. Brown was coming downward after the catch and ducked a little anticipating a hit. Iloka had 2 options, let him catch the TD or try to jar the ball loose.

You can see Ju-Ju position himself, target the head and launch himself upward into Burficts head. Then stands over him and taunts a player who is taken off the field on a stretcher. One was a football play, the other one was just the Steelers being Steelers...

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