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3 minutes ago, TVScout said:

Jerry doesn't like to see his multi-million dollar toys sitting in the closet. Considering who was calling plays at that time Jerry could hardly do worse.

He just came out and said he'd rather see more passes to other WRs and TEs than CeeDee Lamb...

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A little change of subject.  This has bothered me for a while after seeing replay.  I just double checked the rules and blocking in the back is allowed by a OL within 3 or so yards of LOS on a player in the “box”.   LVE got hurt by a block in the back 8 yards at least past LOS. I’ve heard no backlash to Trent for this block or mention that it was illegal.  Am I missing something other then it is the 49ers and we are the cowboys so no blood no foul like the non call on Pollard

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15 minutes ago, DaBoys said:

When he runs, he kind of looks like old Dak. Will they continue to use him in this way? Is it sustainable for his health?

I don't think he needs to take unnecessary hits if he can avoid it...but it looked like the offense moved better when he is mobile. 

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15 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

I know everyone is disappointed in Mazi, including myself, but this is on point. When he gets it, he’s going to be solid. He’s been playing better last couple weeks imo. Not every 1st rder comes in and dominates. 

The potential is definitely there. He could very easily flame out but I'm hoping those glimpses we're seeing now are a sign of things to come. 

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