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The 2024 Commanders NFL Draft Thread


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3 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

I haven’t watched much UGA this year, but I’ll come around quickly on Bowers. He’s not my Kincaid I love but he’s like Mayer or LaPorta on steroids or something. I’m in. 


I’ve summed up Bowers on more than one occasion as this- he’s a damn cheat code. If we got him…..,woah. 

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We should've known that Rivera was gonna Rivera. 

So I'm officially "sticky-ing" this so we can refer to it.

Time to crank this out again and watch it like a hawk. 


Good season fellas. Glad I can stop caring on Sundays going forward. Just sucks that I promised my wife and daughter I'd take them to the Dolphins game (in December). Only silver lining there is that if Moore can get 230 yards against us, Tyreek is gonna get me 1,000 yards for my fantasy team that day.


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I'm officially in tank mode now. Don't want to win any games & have Rivera get another season here.

We need to suck so bad, that it becomes obvious he's gone.

This team needs a complete overhaul. New coaching staff & players. It's tough, cause there's a lot of players I like.

But this team needs a complete makeover, including name change.

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