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BDL 2023 Week 3- Camden Hood Rats @ Lancaster Werewolves


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BDL 2023 Week 3

Match:  Camden Hood Rats @ Lancaster Werewolves

 Away Owner: @TedLavie

Home Owner: @rackcs

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Camden Hood Rats

QB Baker Mayfield
RB Khalil Herbert
WR AJ Brown
WR Nico Collins
WR Rashid Shaheed
TE Tyler Higbee
LT Dion Dawkins
LG Quentin Nelson
C Bradley Bozeman
RG Cody Whitehair
RT Lane Johnson

RB Josh Kelley
RB Jerrick McKinnon
RB Austin Ekeler (Q)
WR Gabe Davis
WR Mack Hollins 
TE Kyle Pitts
TE Gerald Everett
OL Zach Tom

RE Josh Allen
DT Aaron Donald
NT Harrison Phillips
LE Montez Sweat
LB Frankie Luvu
LB Lavonte David
CB L’Jarius Sneed
CB Rasul Douglas
CB Jonathan Jones (Q)
SS Jacquan Brisker
FS Malik Hooker

Edge Josh Uche
Edge Carl Granderson
Edge Yannick Ngakoue
INT Osa Odighizuwa
INT A’Shawn Robinson
LB Divine Deablo
CB Darious Williams
CB Mekhi Blackmon


Lancaster Werewolves

QB: Jalen Hurts
RB: Jahmyr Gibbs
WR: Michael Pittman Jr.
WR: DeVante Parker
WR: Tyler Boyd
TE: Juwan Johnson
LT: Jawaan Taylor
LG: Steve Avila
C : Mitch Morse
RG: Robert Hunt
RT: Evan Neal

QB: Trevor Lawrence
RB: Tyler Allgeier
WR: Skyy Moore
WR: Cedric Tillman
WR: Dyami Brown
TE: Chigoziem Okonkwo
OL: Trevor Penning
OL: Sam Cosmi


DE: T.J. Watt
DT: Kenny Clark
DT: Justin Madubuike
DE: Preston Smith
LB: Fred Warner
LB: Willie Gay Jr. (Q)
CB: Tyrique Stevenson
CB: Akayleb Evans
CB: Dane Jackson
FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick
SS: Darrick Forrest

EDGE: Ogbo Okoronkwo
DL: Calais Campbell
INT: Tedarrell Slaton
LB: Akeem Davis-Gaither
LB: Malcolm Rodriguez
CB: Kyu Blu Kelly
S: Brandon Jones
S: Ji’Ayir Brown

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Run up the middle – We will try to have a balanced offense this week. Calais and TJ Watt are great run defenders outside, but we feel like the middle of that defensive line can be run on. If Ekeler is healthy enough to play, we will give him around 20ish carries with Herbert getting 10ish. If he’s out, Herbert and Kelley will split carries. Against a lighter box, we will use pre-snap motions to check if Lancaster has a LB on Higbee – who is starting because he’s the best blocker out of our three TEs . If that's the case, we will split him out and have Baker audible a run option play. With only 5 players in the box, that should give us free good yardage runs and force Lancaster to adjust and bring Forrest (or whoever plays SS) closer to the line of scrimmage. If Forrest is already in the box, we'll run straight at the middle of the DL which, at worst, should open up play-action opportunities.

Attack Lancaster secondary – With Baker now at the helm of the offense, we have more confidence in our passing offense. All our receivers are having solid starts of the season while Lancaster corners haven’t been good, especially Stevenson and JC Jackson. We want to attack those corners and won’t shy away from the deep ball either, while keeping an eye on Fitzpatrick who is Lancaster best player in the secondary. The whole playbook will be open, and we will again use our fair share of 4WR – or even empty - sets on passing downs to attack multiple levels of the field.

Protect Baker – It is of course impossible to plan against Lancaster defense without discussing their pass rush. TJ Watt is an absolute stud, but the strength of our OL is in the tackles. Still, we will have Higbee chip him whenever he’s on Watt side. Kenny Clark is also someone we need to take care of. On passing downs we will try to double him or at least move Higbee around, so he’s lined up one on one against Nelson. If need be, we can have Higbee or the RB stay to block or at least run a delayed route since we plan to avoid throwing at Warner anyway.



Discipline in the run game – We will focus this week on the run defense. It starts on the DL where our linemen will focus on gap assignments. We will line up in a 4-3 under with a heavy rotation at the NT spot (Philips and Robinson), strong side end (Sweat and Granderson) and weak side end (Allen, Sweat and Uche). Donald will see most of the snaps (Odighizuwa can give him a breather if needed). Also, the 4-3 under will leave Donald in one-on-one situations, which will likely disrupt Lancaster offense. Ngakoue and Odighizuwa only come in for passing downs. 

Defend the RPO - Now of course a big part of what Lancaster does is the RPO offense. As we are playing in man to man, we will have players designated on keying Hurts (Frankie Luvu) and the RB (Lavonte David). With Brisker closer to the box to cover the TE, it should be enough to stop Lancaster running offense and force them to pass the ball.

Take Pittman out the game – Pittman is by far the player we’re the most worried about in this matchup. We will do our best to take him out the game with Rasul Douglas jamming him at the line to force Hurts to go through his other targets first. Both Pittman Jr. and Douglas are very physical so that should be a fun matchup. We will have our free safety hovering over the top of Douglas to back him up.

Off man coverage – With both linebackers with eyes in the backfield and our free safety on one side of the field, we have no additional help to offer the rest of our coverage unit. Therefore, we will play an off man coverage scheme (save from Douglas of course). With the running game greatly limited, we think allowing short passes to Boyd, Moore, Johnson or Chig won’t beat us and Hurts will have to force deeper throws to receivers that aren’t great at separating, leading to opportunities for turnovers or sacks. Here are the coverageresponsibilities:

TE1 – Jacquan Brisker
TE2 – Divine Deablo
Tyler Boyd (or WR2 in 12 personnel) – L’Jarius Sneed
Skyy Moore (or slot) – Jonathan Jones (Darious Williams if out)
WR4 – Darious Williams (Mekhi Blackmon if Jones is out)
RB2 (in 2RB sets) – Jacquan Brisker (with Deablo covering the TE)
WR5 – Mekhi Blackmon (dime package with zone cover 2 if Jones is out)



Lancaster Offense:

Camden presents some unique challenges on defense, particularly from their defensive line. They’ve got guys who can bring pressure and with the current state of our offensive line, this could cause some issues for us. We want to do what we’ve been doing on offense and focus on running the ball and using RPOs to set up play action and keep the pass rush from pinning their ears back. In the passing game we also want to utilize a lot of quick passing looks early on before opening things up later in the game.

For our run game, we are unfortunately down David Montgomery this week. We still feel good about our ability to run the ball however due to the play of our other players so far. Jahmyr Gibbs and Tyler Allgeier should be able to shoulder the carries this week while we sprinkle in Jalen Hurts run looks as well. We want to use a lot of RPOs and some designed runs for Hurts. Gibbs and Allgeier should work together to form a thunder and lightning duo for us. We want to use Gibbs as a true weapon where he can use his explosive abilities as a runner and a pass catcher. These runs should help us set up our play action game nicely.

To start the game we will be using our quick game a lot, slants and outs and curls. Quick hitting plays that will allow Hurts to get the ball out of his hands quickly before the pass rush can get to him. We will definitely be leaving our RB in to block a decent amount. Our TEs will also chip occasionally. We want to use our RBs and TEs in the passing game to attack the Camden linebackers. We think we can have success there, especially when targeting Gibbs and Juwan Johnson, two athletic targets. As the game goes on and our play action has slowed down the opposing pass rush, we want to push the ball down the field a bit more. The Camden corners are good but not unbeatable and we think we can have some success against them. We also think going deep can be viable against the Camden safeties as long as we can give Hurts enough time in the pocket.

Lancaster Defense:
Luckily for us, Camden is down their main rushing threat in Austin Ekeler. Also luckily for us, Camden’s two options at quarterback are Justin Fields and Baker Mayfield. We are coming in expecting a change to Mayfield at quarterback but will be ready for both. With Ekeler out and the other rushing options being just ok players at best, we plan on keying in on the pass this game and focusing on shutting down their only true offensive weapon in AJ Brown.

Mayfield has been playing better than expected so far this year but we still know who he is as a quarterback. And in this offense he’s got less weapons than he does in real life. If Fields starts, he has struggled as a passer this year, albeit with a lesser offensive line than he would have here. Either way, our goal this game on defense is to try to slow down AJ Brown and force Mayfield or Fields to beat us as a passer with their other weapons. Much like our strategy week one against Justin Jefferson, we’re going to stick Tyrique Stevenson on him with Darrick Forrest providing help over the top. Putting a corner with bracket help on Brown should help to slow him down, even if Stevenson has been inconsistent. From there we’re putting the ball in the quarterback’s hands and telling him to beat us with his arm. For other man coverage assignments, Akayleb Evans will cover the other outside receiver and Dane Jackson will take the slot receiver. Fred Warner will draw man coverage responsibility on Kyle Pitts while Willie Gay Jr. will cover the RB if they come out of the backfield. Minkah Fitzpatrick will be taking swiss army knife duties where he could be playing a deep zone, he could come up into the box, he could take over coverage responsibilities for a linebacker so that one of them can blitz. We just want him to make plays so we’ll be moving him around and disguising his role on any given play.

Camden has a really good offensive line but even still, we’re not particularly worried about the running game, especially if Fields isn’t the quarterback. If Fields is the quarterback, then Willie Gay Jr. will turn into the QB spy while Fitzpatrick will handle his coverage responsibilities. Tedarrell Slaton will also rotate in more if Fields is the quarterback.

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I don't think Lancaster has the supporting cast around Hurts to stay competitive in this one. Camden really called their shot on how Lancaster was going to run their offense this week and they got it down to a tee. On the other side of the ball, being down their top two corners really hurts Lancaster. Just a really rough week with injuries.

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I personally don’t see the Camden running game having as much success. They are planning it correctly they just lack the pieces there. However I do expect them to give the Lancaster secondary some fits with their corner group. I like the plan of getting physical with Pittman and trying to force Hurts to look elsewhere. I do think Lancaster gets some solid gains with Camden allowing stuff underneath. I get the premise of a team is letting you have exactly what they wanted and schemes for it perfectly so they got you! But there are times that talent can overcome that. And it is a methodical way to control the clock as well. This is a tough one I am still deciding on.

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10 hours ago, Scoundrel said:

I personally don’t see the Camden running game having as much success. They are planning it correctly they just lack the pieces there. However I do expect them to give the Lancaster secondary some fits with their corner group. I like the plan of getting physical with Pittman and trying to force Hurts to look elsewhere. I do think Lancaster gets some solid gains with Camden allowing stuff underneath. I get the premise of a team is letting you have exactly what they wanted and schemes for it perfectly so they got you! But there are times that talent can overcome that. And it is a methodical way to control the clock as well. This is a tough one I am still deciding on.

So I went with Camden here. This was definitely the most difficult game to decide. Just feel they can have some success against that corner group and that was the ultimate difference. 

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Fun matchup. Offensively, I don’t see much going well for Camden. No Fields scoffs their run game, but I like the top two options at receiver. I think Lancaster made a mistake not having Minkah help over the top against AJ Brown, especially with a rookie in coverage. This isn’t a blowup spot for Brown but like he did IRL, this should be his performance by far this year. Nico Collins should also have a good game dealing with isolated coverage.

For the Lancaster offense, Hurts immediately gives them a solid floor of offensive production. The two big issues for Lancaster is I do not trust their interior offensive line against Aaron Donald, and I have issues trusting RB1 Gibbs with any type of pass protection responsibilities. Again, Hurts using his speed on RPOs help but Montez Sweat, Uche, and Allen are the exact prototype edges to handle mobile QBs.

In a low scoring game as I don’t see plentiful turnovers here. A few Camden deep shots and the inability for Hurts to get lengthy drives against a stout pass rush make the difference here.

17-13 Camden.

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