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BDL 2023 Week 3 - Anchorage Trappers @ Seoul Dragons


BDL 2023 Week 3 - Anchorage Trappers @ Seoul Dragons  

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BDL 2023 Week 3

Match:  Anchorage Trappers @ Seoul Dragons

Away Owner: @Scoundrel

Home Owner: @RedGold

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Anchorage Trappers


QB- Joe Burrow

RB- Breece Hall

X- Treylon Burks

Z- Ja’Marr Chase

Slot- Hollywood Brown

TE- David Njoku

LT- Ikem Ekwonu 

LG- Frank Ragnow

C- Erik McCoy

RG- Jamaree Salyer

RT- Terence Steele



RB- Roschon Johnson 

RB- Tyjae Spears

RB- Kendre Miller

WR- Jaxon Smith-Njigba

WR- Ronnie Bell

TE- Isaiah Likely

OL- DJ Humphries

QB- Aidan O’Connell



LE- Aidan Hutchinson  

DT- Vita Vea

DT- Jordan Davis

RE- Alex Highsmith

MLB- Micah Parsons 

WLB- Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

CB- Christian Gonzalez 

CB- Jaylon Johnson

CB- Patrick Surtain ll

S- Jessie Bates lll

S- Talanoa Hufanga



Edge- Haason Reddick

Edge- Sam Hubbard 

DT- Ed Oliver

DT- Jarran Reed

LB- David Long Jr

CB- Marco Wilson 

DB- Christian Izien

S- Kam Curl


Seoul Dragons


QB:  Derek Carr
RB:  Dameon Pierce
WR:  George Pickens
WR:  Brandin Cooks (Q)
Z:  Travis Kelce  (Q)
TE:  Pat Freiermuth
LT:  Donovan Smith
LG:  Joe Thuney
😄  Mason Cole
RG: James Daniels
RT:  Anton Harrison

Bench:  RB Javonte Williams
Bench:  RB Kenneth Walker
Bench:  WR Zay Jones
Bench:  WR Rashod Bateman
Bench:  TE Trey McBride
Bench:  T Dawand Jones
Bench:  G Alijah Vera-Tucker
Bench:  G/C Dylan Parham


Edge:  Joe Tryon
DL:  Dexter Lawrence
NT:  DJ Reader
DL:  Foley Fatukasi
Edge:  David Ojabo
MLB:  CJ Mosley
LB:  De’Vondre Campbell
CB:  Trent McDuffie
CB:  DonteJackson
FS:  Daxton Hill
SS:  Richie Grant

Bench:  Edge Sam Williams
Bench:  Edge Dayo Odeyingbo
Bench:  DL Khalen Saunders
Bench:  DL Greg Gaines
Bench: CB Adoree Jackson
Bench:  NB Kenny Moore
Bench: NB Nate Hobbs
Bench: Saf Kerby Joseph

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Anchorage Trappers

We are battered and bruised coming into a division game against our favorite rival the Seoul Dragons. They have a lot of young ascending talent and it is our job to welcome them to the BDL… and wreak havoc all over them. 


3 Wide (50%), 2 Tight (40%), 4 Wide (10%)

A 50/50 Pass/Run play split is our goal again this week. 3 wide is our base followed by 2TE this week with a bit of 4 wide. We know we have to work the shallow game as Burrow recovers. If Burrow does not play AOC gets the start and we will look to guide him to success using the same strategy. 

Establish the Run:
Again we’ve been struggling due to the health on this side of the ball. Even Breece is on a pitch count but we will still look to establish the run, we will just increase the workload of the three rookies behind him on the depth chart. We will give Breece 40% of the carries while Spears, Roschon, and Miller evenly split the remaining 60%. We will run our zone but will look to run a 60/40% play share with outside and inside zone. We believe we can control the edges in the run game and get the line of scrimmage moving laterally forcing the big guys inside into lateral movements. Therefore we want to target C and D gaps heavily as well as not abandon our inside run. We know the beef inside the Seoul Dline is no joke and we will respect it but not fear it.  

RPO and Play Action:
We return to relying heavily on RPO and Play Action to support our wounded leader or bring along a rookie in his first career start. Either way this plan supports their deficiencies. Utilizing play action and RPO’s will punish the defense if they pin their ears back and give our QBs assistance in open routes against the Seoul defense with crossers and shallow concepts, allowing for a couple deep shots as well to keep that defend honest. 

We are going to Colorado State this defense with plenty of crossers and shallow check down options. We expect this to force the defense to play up so we can take some shots deep but the primary objective is to move the ball and control the clock with high percentage passes to put our QB in the best situation to win. We are going to rotate in JSN and Ronnie Bell in this game and allow the youngsters to gain some experience. 

Screens and outlets:
We will incorporate back screens and always provide our QB with check downs in this game allowing for YAC opportunities. We won’t chip and stand in block as much with our backs this game out of the gate. We want to get them released and provide our QB that early safety net. If the blitzes are ramping up and Seoul wants to bring extra pressure we will utilize our backs more in a chip and release role. We will also be sliding protection to help Ickey often, unless they overload the opposite side. 


•Base Nickel against 3 Wide (Kelce is in slot and Muth is at TE)/2TE 

•Star Nickel when Kelce is the Y and three receivers are on the field 

•Dime against traditional 4 Wide and Empty

•4-3 Star against 2RB/1TE

•5-2 against Heavy extra OL sets or 3 Tight jumbo packages. 

Right now this is the strength of our team and we have to rely heavily on these guys to dominate this game. We will look to matchup heavily in man in this matchup with some zone sprinkled in. Surtain has Kelce all game long. Bottle up runs and force them inside to our beef in the middle while playing gap disciplined is our goal in the run game. We will apply blitzing from Micah from various alignments across the front 7. 

Run Defense:
Gap disciplined defense looking to funnel outside runs back into our beef on the interior. Even against their 2TE sets we look to play a nickel defense as it is very important to treat Kelce as a receiver in coverage whether inside or in the slot. We know this can give a little in the run game but our Dline is more than capable of clogging run lanes. Gap disciplined with one DT two gapping at all times, sometimes both on early run downs. Our primary base ends are both solid run defenders and are able to control the edge. 

Primarily man in this game with a single high coverage. Bates is playing phenomenal football and he will protect the back end of our defense. Surtain has Kelce. He will play two roles in this game. He will play the nickel when Kelce is in the slot and Muth is the inline TE. And secondly in alignments where three receivers are on the field and Kelce is the lone TE he will play our Star a SS/CB role and Hufanga comes off the field for Marco Wilson. If there’s any player on this defense that can compete with Kelce one on one and shot for shot it’s PS2. Instead of doubling Kelce and taking another defender away from another assignment we choose to play star on star. We will utilize Christian Gonzalez to cover Pickens. Jaylon Johnson has the number 2 receiver and Wilson will have the third/slot receiver when Kelce is the lone TE or the dime against traditional 4 wide. JOK has RB and Hufanga has Muth in the Kelce/Muth alignments. In Dime Hufanga has RB. When Parsons doesn’t blitz he will play a middle zone disruptor. We will occasionally show blitz then drop Micah back into this role to create additional confusion. When not in man we sprinkle in our Cover 3/Cover 2 zones.

Pass Rush:
Micah will come on many blitzes from across the front. We will overload at times on clear passing downs to bring him off the edge with Hutch or Highsmith. He will see some blitzing up the middle again like last week and see some snaps directly lined up on the line making a five man pressure package. We will use some twists and stunts out of all formations. With our interior Dline showing some good pass rush ability specifically the development of big Jordan Davis, we expect to be able to have dominant reps in this game getting after the QB across the board. Ed Oliver will see more snaps in pass rush downs inside as he has shown an ability to get pressure and just played his best game in some time against the run as well so we feel comfortable with him one gapping when he is in the game. Reddick will see rotation in some clear passing situations and Hubbard will be the fourth end in rotation. 

Seoul Dragons



 2WR/2TE(70%),  3WR/1TE(15%)   2RB/2TE/1WR(15%),
West Coast passing game, set up with zone rushing attack. 
Pass (50%), Run (50%)

Zone blocking concepts in the rushing game,  we like our OL’s ability to block on the move and trust our RB’s ability to cut back in zone.    In the passing,  we want to make sure we do what we can to make sure Parson’s doesn’t take over the game.   When lined up as an edge rusher, Kelce/Freiermuth will be blocking down to help our OT’s.    

Passing game:

We want to focus on getting the ball out of the Carr’s hands early this week.  We won’t bother with PA, but we will sprinkle in plenty of RPO”s to keep the LB’s from creeping up.   We will stick with flood route concepts between our TE’s and WR’s and let Carr make the simple reads.

Running game: 
We are staying true to our 3 RB approach,   each RB will get 10+ touches .   We look to attack Anchorage with zone concepts, and we will work inside/outside all game.   Even with the stout DL, we want to keep grinding throughout the game.  With the focus on the run game, we believe this will help keep pass rushers at bay.

Goal #1 –  Stay committed to the ground game, we want to remain balanced throughout the game
Goal #2 -   Wear down the Anchorage DL throughout the game
Goal #3 -  Target RB’s in the passing game



Base 3-4
Subpackage:  4-1 Strong Dime (35%)

DE: David Ojabo / Dayo Odeyingbo
DT: Dexter Lawrence / Khalen Saunders
NT: DJ Reader / Foley Fatukasi
Edge: Sam Williams / Joe Tryon
LB: De’Vondre Campbell /  Damone Clark
Rover: Richie Grant
CB: Donte Jackson
CB: Trent McDuffie
NB: Kenny Moore
FS: Daxton Hill
SS: Kerby Joseph

We will role with heavy zone coverages this week from our base formation.   Early downs we will mix up some cover 1 and cover 3, while sprinkling in more Cover 2 on 3rd down.  

In subpackage we will run more man coverage, with Richie Grant as a chess piece.    He will be used to bracket Chase underneath, while also being used as a blitzer on occasion.   We won’t have our CB’s travel with specific matchups in man coverage, McDuffie RCB, Jackson, RCB, and Moore will play in the slot. 

Pass Rush:
Seoul will come out with a 3-4 defense this week, as we think this gives us better matchups in base,  as well some creativity with blitzes.   We will send 5 early this game to try to get Anchorage’s QB rattled into some early mistakes.   With Tryon and Ojabo on the edge, we can send them into some short coverage drops on occasion to free up Campbell and Mosley to attack from the interior.  

Run Defense:
Come out in the 3-4 this week,  we feel this gives us better rush defense on the perimeter.   Edge will be responsible for containment and forcing the Anchorage running game back inside to our horses. 

Goal#1:  Zone blitzes early to get the Anchorage QB rattled.
Goal#2:  Edge containment in the running game.
Goal#3:  Bracket Chase on 3rd down.   

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I actually really like the dink and dunk strategy vs. Seoul here as I trust Burrow to work the soft spots in the underneath zone. Zone blitzing is a good idea from Seoul against a QB who can't move very well, but I don't believe they have the linebacker talent to be effective against a really strong (for the most part) Anchorage OL.

This feels like a really fun game on the other side of the ball with the Seoul offense vs. the Anchorage defense. I'm giving Anchorage the slight edge here.

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I hate Burrow for playing and making me ready two additional gameplans.

I do think a 5-man front helps Seoul in run D, but does provide holes in that zone for Anchorage to exploit with those crossers. However, I think Burrow gets pressured a lot and since he doesn't have his usual mobility, I think Anchorage scoring capabilities are limited. On the other side, Anchorage DL is probably the best unit overall in BDL and Seoul OL will be totally overwhelmed. I don't think Carr does a lot - but I do like Kelce vs Surtain a bit as a quick passing option. I do think Seoul can run on the edge of Anchorage a bit with Anchorage going nickel against 2TE sets.

I honestly think it's a close, defensive battle. I will give it to the homefield advantage. Seoul 12-10

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4 hours ago, TedLavie said:

I hate Burrow for playing and making me ready two additional gameplans.

I do think a 5-man front helps Seoul in run D, but does provide holes in that zone for Anchorage to exploit with those crossers. However, I think Burrow gets pressured a lot and since he doesn't have his usual mobility, I think Anchorage scoring capabilities are limited. On the other side, Anchorage DL is probably the best unit overall in BDL and Seoul OL will be totally overwhelmed. I don't think Carr does a lot - but I do like Kelce vs Surtain a bit as a quick passing option. I do think Seoul can run on the edge of Anchorage a bit with Anchorage going nickel against 2TE sets.

I honestly think it's a close, defensive battle. I will give it to the homefield advantage. Seoul 12-10

Don’t forget to cast an actual vote for Seoul

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Agree with the other comments that this will be a close, defensive game. Really not enamored with the current Anchorage offense, but obviously they have likely the best defense top to bottom. I think Seoul being at home here is the tiebreaker in a defensive struggle as their home crowd helps wear down the Anchorage defensive front and let’s them get a late score for the win 

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I like both defenses a lot in this matchup. It’s pretty even across the board and I think the consistent run efforts of Seoul pay off with Anchorage not being able to get much points on the board.

That being said, I think it’s an even matchup with one caveat. Anchorage’s pass rush will make life difficult for Seoul to establish any consistent pass offense. I can see Kelce having a successful day with an unordinary performance against PS2 but that pass rush against Harrison and Smith on the edge is the deciding factor as I think Anchorage can force a couple turnovers and halt some lengthy Seoul drives in the redzone.

13-10, Anchorage.

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