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BDL 2023 Week 3 - Singapore Sentinels @ Greenland Polar Bears


BDL 2023 Week 3 - Singapore Sentinels @ Greenland Polar Bears  

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BDL 2023 Week 3

Match:  Singapore Sentinels @ Greenland Polar Bears

Away Owner: @SirA1

Home Owner: @Pickle Rick

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Singapore Sentinels

QB: Kirk Cousins 
RB1: Kyren Williams 
WR1: Davante Adams
WR2: DeVonta Smith
WR3: Jakobi Meyers
TE1: Darren Waller 
LT: Orlando Brown Jr.
LG: Will Hernandez
OC: Evan Brown
RG: Will Fries
RT: Kaleb McGary  
RB2: Josh Jacobs
RB3: James Cook
TE2: Sam LaPorta
TE3: Jonnu Smith
WR4: Jerry Juedy
WR5: Jauan Jennings
OL6: Trey Pipkins III
QB2: Mac Jones 

LE: Uchenna Nwosu 
NT: Keeanu Benton 
DT: Grady Jarrett
RE:  Arik Armstead
SAM: Arden Key 

MLB: Kaden Ellis
WLB: Dre Greenlaw

CB: Charvarius Ward
CB: Isaiah Oliver 
S: Ryan Neal
S: Jabrill Peppers
NB3/S: Brian Branch
DIME: Adrian Phillips
CB4: Levi Wallace
Edge3: Leonard Floyd
Edge4: Lorenzo Carter
DT2 Zach Allen
NT2: D.J. Jones
LB3: Ja’Whaun Bentley

Greenland Polar Bears

QB: Tua Tagovailoa 

WR1: Stefon Diggs
WR2: Ceedee Lamb 
WR3: Chris Godwin 
WR4: Van Jefferson
TE1: Cole Kmet 

LT: Rashawn Slater 
LG: Trey Smith 
😄 Tyler Biadasz 
RG: Aaron Banks 
RT: Christian Darrisaw 


RB1: Cam Akers
QB2: Kenny Pickett 
Backup OLine: Spencer Brown

LE: Deforest Buckner 
NT: Jordan Elliott 
RE: Bryan Bresee

SOLB1: Joey Bosa
ILB1: Roquan Smith 
ILB2: TJ Edwards
WOLB1: Harold Landry

CB1: Marshon Lattimore 
CB2: Riq Woolen 

SS1: Justin Simmons 
FS1: Jordan Poyer

Backup DL: Gervon Dexter Sr. 
OLB3: Travon Walker 
S3: Quandre Diggs
CB3: Joey Porter Jr. 
CB4: Emmanuel Forbes 
LB3: Devin Lloyd 
LB4: Jack Campbell 
LB5: Drew Sanders

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Singapore Sentinels

Motivation: Both teams are coming off close losses last week. This is a divisional game so very important to our playoff hopes. We hope to catch the wounded Polar Bears at the right time and get a solid road victory.

Defensive Strategy

Formation:  4-3 “Under” / 2-4-5 Big Nickel

The Under is predominantly a one-gap system that plugs up the run and creates advantageous pass-rush situations. The 4-3 Under helps cover the weak side linebackers to keep him free to make plays.

DL - Our DL is chomping at the bit to go against this patchwork OL. Keanu Benton is going to line up over the Center and attack the A Gap between their C-RG, forcing a double team while applying pressure on Tua. Grady Jarrett is our wrecking 3-tech inside against Trey Smith on his way to the QB, collapsing the pocket and forcing errant throws.  Arik Armstead will compound the overload of the Left side against Slater forcing him to pick his poison. Uchenna Nwosu will have an easier task this week against Spencer Brown so we will use our bench strength and keep guys fresh to wear him down. Leonard Floyd and Lorenzo Carter will play key roles in keeping that pressure high.  Being able to substitute players and see minimal difference in the unit itself is something other teams wish they had. Zach Allen and D.J. Jones provide solid options to keep the big guys up front fresh as well to help in the minimal run defense needed this week against Akers.

LB - Greenlaw has the speed and agility to make things more difficult for Greenland’s passing game while also being able to chase down the RB in the flat.. Ellis will be focusing as a spy on Tua this week as he will likely be the PB’s main running threat. Arden Key will be on the LOS and provide an extra rusher to flush Tua from the pocket. Bentley is our do it all backup that can fill any of the starting roles

Secondary - Cover 1 Man Hybrid

Charvarius Ward is Solid in man coverage and allowing few big plays, he will look to take out the top Bears WR target in Diggs. Isaiah Oliver will get the start this week against Ceedee Lamb in the short to intermediate routes. Brian Branch is now slotted into the starting nickelback role and will get a tough ask this week in Chris Godwin. We think he is up to the task. There has to be some form of 4WR this week because of reasons, so Levi Wallace will be in to cover Van Jefferson with OBJ being out this week.

Jabrill Peppers continues this week as the single High Safety. His high energy style and closing speed will keep the big plays from unfolding. Underneath, Ryan Neal will be taking on the task of covering Kmet.  He can be disruptive near the line of scrimmage, using his aggressive mindset to make plays. 

Coverage Assignments:

·         Stefon Diggs / “Mooney” Ward - CB

·         Ceedee Lamb / Isaiah Oliver - CB

          Chris Godwin  / Brian Branch - CB/S

·        Cole Kmet / Ryan Neal - S 

         Cam Akers / Dre Greenlaw - LB

         Van Jefferson  / Levi Wallace - CB


Offensive Strategy

Scheme:  Pass (60%) vs Run (40%)

Formations:  3 WR Bunch (50%)/ 4 WR Spread (30%)/ 2 TE (20%)

Our primary formation will be 11 personnel this week. We want to get a mismatch over the middle and in the flat with Jakobi Meyers. Greenland is missing a quarter of their CBs with Woolen Doubtful so their rookie CBs will have matchup issues. We are just wanting to let Cousins open it up today and score fast and often.

OL - We are going to put our best current 5 out there. Hernandez played LG when he came into the league so should be fine there. We are hoping Tyler Smith gets well soon. But these guys should be able to give Cousins time to eviscerate the Greenland defense. Joey Bosa being on a Snap count helps.

Passing - Cousins is back baby, lessons learned. WRs in DaVonta Smith and Davante Adams provide our QB with reliable pass catchers that can do it all over the field. We are looking to isolate them against the PB CBs and let them do their job. Adams will be running a search route allowing him to adjust to the coverage, as he will likely draw Lattimore as the only experienced CB they have. DeVonta Smith will stretch the field and look for some big deep plays against the rookie Forbes. Jakobi Meyers is back this week to wreck Joey Porter Jr. who is not getting much RL playing time. Jerry Jeudy will come in for the 4 WR spread look and look to be paired against a linebacker or Safety. Jauan Jennings will give the starters a rest.

We won’t forget our TEs this game as Waller and LaPorta will split their snaps evenly to give Waller’s hammy a rest. Jonnu Smith comes in as our 2nd TE in 12 formations.

Rushing - Greenland has a stout front 7 and some good Linebacker depth.  Kyren Williams will get the start this week as we look to change things up with some outside Zone and his speed/burst along with his pass catching ability should give Cousins an outlet in the flat. Josh Jacobs will be the short yardage back late in the game once we have tired their defense out. James Cook is back again as a 3rd down back to also help spread out that secondary by lining up in the slot.

Greenland Polar Bears

Offensive Formations: 5 wide (4WR, 1 TE) 50%, 5 wide (5 WR) 50 %

Offensive Tempo: Slow as possible 

Designed Playcall Distribution: 70% pass, 30% screens and quick outs

Plan: we want to spread our wide, stacked outside the numbers on both sides of the line of scrimmage.  This will allow quick passes, outs and slants coming back to the middle to work great in man coverage.  While if in zone we have the numbers on the overloaded side and can find the gaps.  Plenty of motion and quick out passes will replaces the running game this week.  We want to take shots deep on double moves and when Singapore starts to cheat to stop the middle 

If anyone gets hurt or needs a breather, Jones comes on as an extra lineman and we run 3WR/1TE or 4WR

First series of the game: we want to establish the pass and the middle of the field 


Defense Base Formation: 3-4 zone run blitz

Run Defense:  We feel that this game could ultimately be decided by how well Singapore can run the ball.  We will be loading the box heavy on run downs.  We want our lineman to push upfield as much as possible to disrupt plays in the backfield and trust our LB core to clean up things at the line of scrimmage.  We will be slanting heavily into the strong side and trying to shoot the gaps when we do and get up field to blow plays up in the back field.

Pass defense: we want to blanket the field by using a heavy amount of zone blitzing.  We will switch into various zone coverages out of our 3-4 base to try and keep the pressure on whoever they run at QB and make him 1) uncomfortable in the pocket and 2) not know who is blitzing or where and what type of zone we are running. We feel that his brain will be more focused on not getting popped that he will miss identify zone schemes and we can get some turnovers.  This will also take away the deep ball and big plays from his stars and force things underneath and right into the teeth of our zone 

Within our zone looks we want to bring a decent amount of blitzes from all over the field and to keep Singapore's QB uncomfortable in the pocket 

Defensive rotation and formations notes:  we have DT, edge, LB, and DB depth to rotate in and keep everyone well rested.  Walker will be all over the field trying to cause havoc.  As for formations, even though our base and dominant formation will be 3-4 we do want to sprinkle in some 4-3 and Nickle formations when possible on more clear passing downs 

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Inactive for Greenland so far...

Tyler Biadasz - I guess Spencer Brown subs in at Center.

Cam Akers - No running game planned for anyway.

Justin Simmons - Diggs I guess

Riq Woolen - As expected Inactive.

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I got it, spot me some salary 

Or how about unlocking some of these players so I can trade them 

Or better yet maybe I should trade Diggs away, but then who would Tua throw to.  

Maybe I should cut some salary, oh darn can't do that bc I won't be able to play anyone 

Oh I know, trade away a superstar for a late 7th bc thats all the deals I get offered, but wait then I have no one to play then 

A two year old has more common sense than Blue lmao 

4 hours ago, Blue said:

It's a damn shame Pickle is completely wasting Tua's huge season by just refusing to have any depth.


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On 9/25/2023 at 12:23 AM, Pickle Rick said:

I got it, spot me some salary 

Or how about unlocking some of these players so I can trade them 

Or better yet maybe I should trade Diggs away, but then who would Tua throw to.  

Maybe I should cut some salary, oh darn can't do that bc I won't be able to play anyone 

Oh I know, trade away a superstar for a late 7th bc thats all the deals I get offered, but wait then I have no one to play then 

A two year old has more common sense than Blue lmao 


You have 2 sub-500 guys you can cut for a waiver claim. you really only need an RB here to be fine. 

Don’t spend 15k on an off-ball LB either 

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