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Indy-aniel Jones and the Dismay of Daboll


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Daniel Jones hasn’t improved at all. That’s how you know they need to move on. He is still making the same mistakes he made as a rookie.

He has arguably the WORST awareness and peripheral vision of any QB I’ve seen. I’m not saying he’s the worst QB I’ve seen, but he might have the worst awareness. 

You could make an hour long highlight real of pass rushers swiping at his arm and he has no idea they were there. Happened about 4 times last night, and it happens most games. 

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The parallel isn’t perfect but last years Giants team was like the 2017 Bills that unexpectedly overachieved and made the playoffs. 

The Bills still decided to move on from Tyrod and knowingly took a step back in 2018. The Giants likely should have done the same with Daniel Jones. Giving him the contract was a huge mistake. 

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They ran the 2018 Josh Allen offense last year and Jones looked passable, now they're opening up to the offense they actually want to run and the combination of Jones slow read time and their terrible OL is leading to just absolutely brutal results. He's just not a good enough processor at this level. And the absolute disaster that is the offensive line there without Thomas is amplifying those issues by lessening his time and he then runs into a LOT of sacks.

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I do believe that Daniel Jones can be a guy who has a Ryan tannehill like resurrection (maybe not to the efficiency heights that Tanny reached the first 1.5 years with Tennessee, but same spirit) to his career in a good situation. I think he's still in that really large, really muddy tier of guys who are probably NFL starters, but who can often be below your viable starter line. He's extremely situation dependent

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