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Ok, Doc’s had a few- why I’m so sick of the Danskins

Doc Draper

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Our Team sucks and has no hope for improving

We have the dumbest team president in nfl history whose only goal is to keep sucking the nupple- keeping his job

Snyder is the devil- tempt and make good guys like Doug Williams sell out for money to take fake positions to be fall guys and schills  ( who the heck even knows what his is)  just to be pawns for the devil snyder while he steals our money 

trick the fans to support morons like Gruden because we are sick of starting over

i really think the little Devil Snyder is actually a fan of another team- makes us so bad so his team is better 

getting another scotch! 


And my waitress is so hot who wants to resolve her Daddy issues :) ?

glad to help her 





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stick photo

 because I haven’t figured how to post real time photos Jeezy


im old school and my “Google machine” haven’t figured it out. But she taking shower now and spitting image of this photo but a little more ample above:)

make money bros. It’s not about looks but I’m damn good looking lol it’s always about your game ( I spit a mad game) and the doe Rey me 

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5 hours ago, lavar703 said:

For as bad as Daniel Snyder is, somehow Jimmy Haslam has been worse. Really, it's incredible. 

Well Haslam Just leapfrogged Snyder because he hired John Dorsey(a football guy) was & gave him full control of the roster. Great move!

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We have a lot of young talent on our team, our future “could be bright.” It probably won’t be because Dan & Bruce will probably screw it up, but you can’t tell me you’re no excited that Perine had back to back 100 yard games & what Thompson did this season befoee his unfortunate injury. Our OL has a lot of young talent, we have a very talented WR we drafted in round 1 last year who just needs more time to develop but has potential to be a #1, we have a great slot wr and young back ups w/ Grant & Harris, one of the best receiving -TEs when Reed is healthy - an all pro type talent in Jon Allen, two other young talented DL in Ioannidis & Lanier, a few young talented ILBs & OLBs & loads of young talented Dbs. 

Yes, the black cloud of the Cousins situation hangs over this franchise as does Dan & Bruce and their royal screw ups but I actually like our young players and their potential and a lot of the vets on our roster too.

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