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BDL 2023 Week 5 - Raleigh Firebirds @ New Orleans Jazz


Who wins?  

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BDL 2023 Week 5

Match:  Raleigh Firebirds @ New Orleans Jazz

Away Owner: @EaglesPeteC

Home Owner:  @WFLukic

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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QB- Russell Wilson 
RB- Christian McCaffrey 
WR- Courtland Sutton
WR- Michael Thomas 
WR- TuTu Atwell
TE- Mark Andrews
LT- Jordan Mailata
LG- Landon Dickerson
C- Connor Williams 
RG- Issac Seumalo 
RT- George Fant 

RB- Chuba Hubbard
RB- Kareem Hunt 
WR- Quinten Johnston
WR- Darius Slayton
TE- Robert Tonyan
TE- Noah Fant 
Swing T- Andrew Wylie
Swing Interior OL- Aaron Brewer


EDGE/Rush LB- Danielle Hunter
DT- Jalen Carter
DT- BJ Hill
EDGE- Josh Sweat
LB- Quay Walker
LB- Quincy Williams 
CB- Darius Slay
CB- Sean Murphy Bunting
CB- Troy Hill
FS- Justin Reid
SS- Reed Blankenship

EDGE- Jermaine Johnson 
EDGE/Rush DT-Brandon Graham
NT- Alim McNeill 
EDGE/LB- Nick Herbig
LB- Jerome Baker 
CB- Josh Jobe 
CB- Kristian Fulton 
S- Jayron Kearse






New Orleans

QB: Josh Allen
RB: Derrick Henry 
WR: D.J. Moore
WR: DeAndre Hopkins
Slot WR: Deebo Samuel
TE: Hunter Henry
LT: Taylor Decker
LG: Joel Bitonio 
OC: David Andrews
RG: Connor McGovern (Buf)
RT: Braden Smith


RB2: James Conner
RB3: Raheem Mostert
WR4: Curtis Samuel
WR5: Michael Wilson
TE2: Dalton Schultz
TE3: Jake Ferguson
OL6: Cam Robinson
OL7: Connor McGovern (Jets)


DE: Nick Bosa
DT: Christian Wilkins
DT: Jeffery Simmons
DE: Za'darius Smith
LB: DeMario Davis
LB: Anthony Walker Jr.
CB: Stephon Gilmore
CB: James Bradberry
S: Adrian Amos
S: Tyrann Mathieu
Slot CB: Mike Hilton


DE3: Tuli Tuipulotu
DE4: Deatrich Wise
INT3: Roy Robertson-Harris
INT4: Leki Fotu
LB3: Josey Jewell
CB4: Cam Taylor-Britt
CB5: Shaquill Griffin
S3: Julian Love

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Week 5

After three resounding victories in a row, the red hot Firebirds strut confidently into New Orleans, stare the Jazz directly in their faces and say “You’re just a type of music. You don’t scare me!”

But you know who scares them, MVP candidate Christian McCaffrey who is going to run all over the Jazz behind our great offensive line. Jordan Mailata will look Nick Bosa deep in his soul and make him cry because he has never seen such a massive man with such a smooth sultry singing voice crush him to the ground as McCaffrey runs over his trampled body for touchdown after touchdown. 

In the passing game, Russell Wilson and our receiving weapons burst through the collection of retirement home escapees that New Orleans calls a secondary. They will quiver in their boots as they line up across from Mark Andrews knowing not a man among them can cover him. Sure, Tyran Mathieu could steal a time machine, go back to 2016 and maybe he'll have a shot, but no such technology has been invented. Then TuTu Atwell will run through the legs of Stephon Gilmore and he’ll be chasing that tiny glorious speed demon around the field like its a Scooby Doo chase scene. Then comes the elite pass catching running back Christian McCaffrey. Who is going to cover him? Literal corpse Demario Davis? Get outta here with that mess. 


On defense we are just quaking in our boots….NOT!!!! Who is going to score on us? DeAndre Hopkins is nothing anymore without the roids, Derrick Henry getting out snapped by a rookie without any vital knee ligaments, so he sucks now. Deebo Samuel just out there as a decoy because, big shocker, he’s hurt again like a pansy! DJ Moore is probably feeling himself after finally having one good game in his career, but Darius Slay will smack the confidence off of his face. The Jazz is sporting 2 Conner McGoverns and they’ll need both of them at the same time to attempt to block future DROY Jalen Carter. Unfortunately they only get one at a time and Carter will burst through them like a wet paper bag. Meanwhile, Decker and Smith are going to be turned into turnstiles by a lady named Danielle and a man named after a smell bodily secretion. What a couple of losers. All of this will leave Josh Allen weaponless and with no time and he’ll probably just curl in a ball and weep like a little baby man leading to a resounding Raleigh victory.

Iknow who won this game regardless of outcome






New Orleans



Running game

This week our focus will be on feeding Derrick Henry and having him take the majority of the carries rather than the committee approach. Henry’s starting to find his feet this year and is showing he can still get it done carrying a big load so we’ll be looking to give him 20-25 carries in this match to wear down a Raleigh defensive front which will need to focus on the run as much as the pass. 


Raleigh plays a defensive style of football which is aggressive and likes to get after the quarterback, boasting some talented pass-rushers on the defensive line. So to counter this, we’re going to incorporate a huge amount of play-action to take advantage of this and allow Allen to get out of the pocket and making plays on the run. We also know that if we can establish the running game behind Henry, Raleigh will have no choice but to focus on Henry and keep boxes stacked, further adding to the effectiveness of the play-action game.

Spread the ball around in the passing game:

Once we’ve established the run and play-action passing game, Allen will have the liberty to pick and choose his moments against a Raleigh pass-rush that will be a bit cautious. So rather than force feeding DJ Moore as might be expected, we’ll instead look to take advantage of the best match up. In particular, we’ll look to target the non-Slay CBs as we know that our receivers will simply be too much to handle for Raleigh’s CBs in one-on-one coverage. 
We’ll also look to run a number of deeper routes early to stretch the defence and keep the safeties deep. Moore will be primarily used as our deeper threat on double moves and go routes and Hopkins will tend to run his out and crossing routes a bit deeper than usual to free up the underneath. We’re doing this so that Samuel will be able work his magic on slants and other quick catches, and Henry will be able to find those softer spots. This will also help Allen once he escapes the pocket and has open field ahead of him. 


4 Man Pressure:
Like last week, our focus is going to be generating 4 man pressure. With our defensive line being as good as they come, our plan we'll continue to use 4 rushers for the majority of the time to oppose Raleigh’s passing game. Rotation will also be the name of the game, with a particular shoutout being necessary for the emergence of Tuipulotu being a great bonus for us and we'll look to rotate him with ZaDarius Smith, who will often slide inside to take one of the DTs positions and add extra pass-rushing might. 

Take away Mark Andrews: 

We’re very comfortable with how our secondary matches up against Raleigh’s receiving group, however Andrews is one of the premier TEs in the league and represents both a threat when it comes to moving the chains and make plays down field. So our focus will be on slowing him down by having Walker take him in primary coverage and a safety shadowing him. By taking Andrews away and trusting Bradberry on Sutton, we feel we can keep things in front of us and even if McCaffery gets plenty of touches and inevitably makes some plays, it’s something we can live with. 


In terms of coverage, it will be the usual cover 1 for New Orleans, with some press man concepts nearer the line of scrimmage. Jamming a receiver and putting timing off we feel will make a big difference for us as while Russ has performed strongly of late, taking away his top options and collapsing on him with a non-blitzing front-four will put him under pressure. 

Cortland Sutton - James Bradberry
Michael Thomas - Stephon Gilmore
Tutu Atwell - Mike Hilton
Mark Andrews - Anthony Walker + shadowed by safety (either Amos or Mathieu, depending on who is closer to Andrews)
CMC - DeMario Davis

The non-shadowing safety on Andrews for the given play will be the deeper safety while Shaq Griffin or Cam Taylor Britt will come in as CB4 or CB5 if Raleigh wants to go with 4 or more wide, while the cover 1 base will stay where appropriate. 

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I think Raleigh offense is becoming better and better. Sure it's held back by its QB, but who am I to judge. Yet, this week, I just don't see them doing enough against New Orleans which is a just a machine, on both facets of the game. New Orleans 35-17

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18 hours ago, TedLavie said:

I think Raleigh offense is becoming better and better. Sure it's held back by its QB, but who am I to judge. Yet, this week, I just don't see them doing enough against New Orleans which is a just a machine, on both facets of the game. New Orleans 35-17

Wilson actually hasn't played badly this year.

I really don't like what New Orleans came into this game planning to do on either side of the ball. Henry has been a shell of himself this year, and I don't think running the ball is the best way for this offense to score points. A four man rush, despite how good the Jazz defensive line is, just isn't gonna get it done against a really strong Raleigh front either, especially with how old the Jazz secondary is (Amos has only played 56% of snaps this season too, they're not even sending out full-on starters back there). I think this is a much closer game and one Raleigh could have stolen with a more serious gameplan.

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