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Season outlook at the quarter(ish) mark


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So, our starting QB is out. 4 weeks? 6? 8? Surgery and done? No way to know, so I am going to look forward without his services.

Offensive line. Tony has got these finally healthy starting 5 in "Working as a unit" mode. Ryan Kelly has surprised us all. He is a freaking road grader. Him and Nelson are knocking guys off their base. How about their trust in Fries? The drafting of Freeland? All other story lines aside, I feel as good about this oline as I have since Q was drafted. Losing Witt and Pinter only to Inj/res has been very fortunate. Fingers crossed.

QB. Gardner is not getting the due he deserves IMO. People seem to take the easy road, and re-spout the popular opinion. Gardner's positives have always been his accuracy and taking care of the ball....but his knock was that he could not throw the med to deep outs when it mattered. Well, I am seeing him do everything that is required of a starter.....AND....his is doing it in relief. He is 46TD's and 15 TO's in his career. He may not end up a starter for us long term or in the NFL again, but he IS a starter, and I feel fortunate we have him. 

RB. We are set. Moss is a load, JT is ramping back up. Having AR in addition was going to be awesome, but with these two guys, we're fine. Add the mentioned gelling of the o-line and a massive TE group to help block, no one want to face that. 

TE. This group is one of the biggest TE groups I have ever seen on the Colts. And that is with Jelani Woods on IR! 

6'5" 267 Mo is a load. He may not get reupped, but he is hard to deal with.

6'3" 242 Kylen is still young. He may not make the jump, but he is on a cheap contract.

6'4" 245 Mallory. Tough as nails, I think he sticks long run.

6'5" 260 Drew. Dude is ballin big time. He is our current best kept secret. 

6'7" 253 (Woods when he returns?)

WR. Pittman and Pierce are still growing into the role. Pittman is dependable, and a hell of a blocker. Pierce may or may not make the jump, but he is still on a cheap contract. Downs is a freaking stud. What a freaking draft pick. Mackenzie is solid as well. 

Defense. Buck and Grove are home wreckers. Jesus they area a load. Franklin is just nasty. Blackmon is becoming the guy we thought he would be when he got injured. Kenny is returning to form, and Baker is so-so. Juju is going to be a solid player, he's long and tough. Jones is looking like a smart pick. Shaq is not as productive, but he is also not the position that plays are being funneled to. I saw a stat for him that showed adjusted numbers in relation to assignment/role

"Adjusted for their assignment/role in the scheme, here are the top 12 coverage LBs in Successful Coverage (SCOE) so far this season"


This was prior to the last game. I don't think he is as bad as some folks think. Speed is quick as hell. He has wow speed. Unfortunate that we lost Scott and Flowers for the season. Oh ya, Sam was a really nice get by Ballard as well. 


In all, this is a better built team....and a better coached team than I expected. Ballard blew it with McLiar, and moved too quickly to Frank. He payed the PR price, and made sure he got it right this time. He freaking nailed it. 

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