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Fantasy Football Challenge Weeks 15 - Super Bowl


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This will not start until Week 15. Week 17 will also not count towards scoring. So we will have Week 15, Week 16, Wildcard Round, Divisional Round, Conference Championships, and the Super Bowl. Six Total Rounds. I've tried this game twice now and always had a minimum entry of participants to get this started. This time that will not be the case. I will try a full game again next season and I hope this "trial" run helps bring awareness and more users to the game.

Note #1: There will be no Tournament for this Trial run. The highest scorer after the six rounds will be declared the Fantasy Footballs Future Challenge Champion.

Note #2: TOMORROW (Sunday December 10th) and Week 17 will NOT be apart of the game.

Note #3: As per usual game rules, you cannot use the same player twice. So if you think it's Brady vs Wentz in the Super Bowl, you might not want to use them in Week 15 and 16. Common sense, obviously. Although next year, the playoffs will not be included in the game and it will end Week 16.

How to play:

- Pick 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), and 1 DEF every single week throughout the season. This is for all 17 weeks.
- You cannot pick the same player twice. Once for the entire season.
- At the end of Week 12, the Top 16 will be put into a Tournament. Round 1 will be Week 13, Round 2 will be Week 14, Round 3 will be in Week 15, and the Finals in Week 16. If we get less than 35 people, I will probably reduce the playoffs to an 8 Team Tournament and starting in Week 14.
- Everyone can play for all 17 Weeks and try to get the highest amount of points for the season. You can all debate afterwards who's the GOAT, the Tournament winner, or the guy with the highest season point total.

Scoring Format:

It will be a 6 point passing touchdown and Half Point Per Reception Scoring Format.

Fraction points will be used for yards.

QB Scoring:

6 Points Per TD
-2 Points per INT
1 point per 25 yards passing
6 points per rushing TD
1 point per 10 yards rushing

RB and WR scoring:

6 points per TD
1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving
0.5 points per reception

2 Points per 2 Point Conversion
-1 Point per Fumble Lost
6 Points per Offensive Fumble Recovery TD
6 points per kick/punt return TD

Defensive Scoring:

Points allowed:

12 Points per Shutout
1-6 points = 8 points
7-13 points = 5 points
14-20 points = 1 point
21-27 points = 0 points
28-34 points = -2 points
35+ points = -4 points

0.25 points per TFL
1 point per Sack
2 points per INT
2 points per Fumble Recovery
4 points per Safety
6 Points per Touchdown
2 points per Blocked Kick

This is defense only and not a Defense/Special Teams combo. You will not receive points for Kick/Punt Return Touchdowns (Unless you have that player).

Deadline to Post your picks:

They must be posted in this thread no later than 10:00am PST|1pm EST time on Sundays. If you want to add players for Thursdays game, post before the start of Thursdays game. If you are few minutes past 10:00am I may still allow your post if kickoff hasn't happen or is in progress.

Editing Rules:

Please create a new post and your old one will be disregarded. Obviously, you cannot change one of your picks who played Thursday night. Include the Thursday night player in your new post and also state this is "2nd Entry".

Due to the new forum, editing times are not shown therefore please do not edit any posts. Any edited posts AFTER Thursday will disqualify you immediately. Example: You posted your picks prior to Thursday night and edited them the next day to nothing because you picked a bad player Thursday night. Even if you edited a non pick post because of a spelling typo, it would still result in a DQ. I would have no idea if that post was picks or not. So don't edit non pick posts either.


I will create a discussion thread for this game in a few days. I would rather this be only picks/official posts. Makes it easier to sort and count up points. However, until that thread is made, feel free to discuss and ask questions.

Good luck everyone!

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Just now, BayRaider said:

It will get no activity here once that link disappears.

Every other league or challenge can gain traction in here - I see no reason to let your league sit as the exception to that rule.

If you have a question on forum administration, feel free to PM me or the Webmaster for further clarification.

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On Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 2:37 PM, EliteTexan80 said:

Every other league or challenge can gain traction in here - I see no reason to let your league sit as the exception to that rule.

If you have a question on forum administration, feel free to PM me or the Webmaster for further clarification.

It's posted in NFL Gen twice before with no move in order to gain traction and popularity and Mods were quite understanding. Not everything is black and white my friend. 

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