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5 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

Sure, all players will be evaluated but numbers like his for the number of years he has done it shows it’s legit.  He has allowed passer ratings of 34.5 in 22 (including that game against OSU) and 51.7 this year.  That 51.7 would be best in the NFL this year.  

I called it a couple months ago that he would make the Witherspoon type rise and it’s already started.  My guess is we will have no chance at him without a trade up but if he is there I’d love him to be the pick. 

I was with you on that.  It is just tough to see where he will end up.  Player rankings have him at various places in the 2nd round.  Mock drafts have him going in the first round between 17-30.  It will be fun to watch his draft stock.

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22 minutes ago, Just Want A Title said:

I was with you on that.  It is just tough to see where he will end up.  Player rankings have him at various places in the 2nd round.  Mock drafts have him going in the first round between 17-30.  It will be fun to watch his draft stock.

And last year this time Witherspoon was a third round pick. And Laporta was the third or fourth ranked TE, and Gibbs was a 2nd round RB at best. 

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9 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

And last year this time Witherspoon was a third round pick. And Laporta was the third or fourth ranked TE, and Gibbs was a 2nd round RB at best. 

The really interesting part will be if there will be a player late in the first-round that could convince a team to trade back in to get.  I am hoping the Lions can trade back in to early Rd 2 and accumulate picks in rounds 2-4 where there seems to be a lot strength.

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On 1/27/2024 at 8:45 AM, Just Want A Title said:

I just saw a mock draft with Quinyon Mitchell being going at #5.  I know he has a ton of physical talent but he hasn't even been through the Senior Bowl practices or the combine.  He is a good prospect but the hype-train is getting way ahead of itself on this.

I think the hype train is just catching up to where it should be. Just like with Witherspoon. 

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Welp time to have some fun I guess.

Fire Glenn

Ben leaves


OC- Joe Brady (Buff)

DC - Weaver (Ravens)


1st round - CB - Mitchell - Toledo

2nd round- LB - Trotter Jr Clemson

3rd round - Edge - Isaac PSU

5th round- Edge - Harrell - UM 

6th round- CB- Green - FSU

7th round- LB- Wallace- Kentucky 

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17 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

What's the deal with James Mitchell? I kinda forgot he was even on your team and don't think I've seen him get any play. Obviously La Porta is #1, but is Mitchell just irrelevant? 

He was a solid backup when Brock Wright went down.  Then he broke his hand in practice when getting first team reps with Laporta recovering from his injury.  When healthy, he has been solid and very likely will be our #2 TE next year unless we re-sign Wright cheap. 

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The 2024 season is now over after a tough loss against the 49ers. Now that we have seen the rest of the season, this can impact off-season plans earlier in the year. 


With our recent success, we're going to see a drain in talent from our coaching staff. 


  • Ben Johnson: Hired as Head Coach of the Washington Commanders
  • Hank Fraley: If rumours are true, he leaves with Johnson to be the OC of the Commanders


  • Tanner Engstrand: Engstrand moves up from Passing Game coordinator to take over as OC
  • Steve Oliver: Takes over as OL coach from Haley. Moves up from Assistant OL coach
  • David Blough: Retires from the NFL and joins the Lions staff as a Quality Control Coach
  • Frank Reich: Joins the Lions as a Senior Offensive Consultant (similar to John Fox's role in Detroit). Reich played for the Lions in 1998 and had Fox on his staff in Indy (prior to Fox joining the Lions). After his time in Indy and Carolina, Reich takes a step back while staying connected to the game. The Lions use his experience to help Engstrand's transition without being a threat to his position as OC. 


  • Aaron Glenn: The Lions defense has been a bit of a challenge, however I do believe that AG has (at least at the end) unlocked the defense by the end of the season. He just hasn't had the horses to do the job. We've lacked talent on the defensive interior (Alim needs a running mate); edge (Hutchinson needs a running partner); several players in the secondary, especially at corner. 


Zach Ertz - 2 years x $7M ($4.5M in 2024; $2.5M void year in 2025): Ertz never got a chance to make his mark on the Lions. After eschewing opportunities, he decided to sign with the Lions heading into the NFC Championship game. He comes back on what is essentially a 1 year deal as a bookend to Sam LaPorta. This contract is reminiscent of Mike Geisicki's in NE, which is where Ertz is IMO

Josh Reynolds - 2 years x $2.5M APY: The Goff to Reynolds connection has been a very reliable one ever since he joined us from the Rams. However, he made key drops in the loss against the 49ers. Reynolds really should be our WR4 or WR5. 

Craig Reynolds - 1 year x $1.5M APY: The Lions like Reynolds and he's been relatively decent in relief when called upon. The Lions are going to rely on the duo of Montgomery and Gibbs but Reynolds will have his place

Kayode Awosika [ERFA]- 1 year x $915k: He's played well enough that he deserves to be brought back as a depth piece/spot starter

Benito Jones (RFA) - ROR $2.9M: The Lions seem to have something against Isaiah Buggs. Jones has been given playing time as a starter alongside McNeill. We won't see a wholesale change but we'll see some pieces get moved around/cut (Levi is on the chopping block). 

Brock Wright (RFA) - 2 years x $1.75M APY: Wright is brought back on a 2-year deal and as TE3 with LaPorta and Ertz being the key starters. Wright's ROFR is $2.8M so this gives the Lions more certainty while Wright gets stability. 

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - 2 years $6.5M: Ceedy Duce is brought back on the same deal he originally signed. He brings an attitude to this defense and is a leader in the locker room. If we can get him for the whole season, that secondary is much more effective. 

Jalen Reeves-Maybin - 2 Year x $1.85M: JRM has been an excellent ST player and effective when called upon as a LB


  • Jonah Jackson - Jackson's play hasn't been at the level it should have been for the contract he'll likely demand
  • Matt Nelson
  • Dan Skipper
  • Scott Daly
  • Shane Zylstra
  • Nate Sudfeld
  • Jason Cabinda
  • Will Harris
  • Anthony Pittman
  • Hal Vaitai
  • Emmanuel Moseley
  • Donovan Peoples-Jones
  • Jerry Jacobs
  • Teddy Bridgewater (Retired)
  • David Blough (Retired - added to coaching staff)
  • Kendle Vildor
  • Michael Badgley - The Lions look for a kicker they can rely upon


  • NT
  • CB1 + CB3
  • S


  • OC: Ragnow could be a post-June 1st retirement and should not be considered a long-term part of the roster. Having his replacement in-house would be beneficial
  • OT: Decker's play has improved over the last few weeks. He has looked much better and is likely the Lions' LT in 2024. We should still look at adding someone as an eventual successor. This just pushes the need down a touch in terms of urgency.
  • RG: Graham Glasgow has secured the RG position and can back up at OC. If Ragnow sticks around, the Lions could look to add depth pieces to eventually take over. If Ragnow does retire, then it escalates the team's need into a more immediate concern. Glasgow isn't a spring chicken, so we'll need to add someone on the interior eventualy
  • WR(X): Reynolds and Raymond aren't long-term options. Jamo has started to show his ability but the Lions need another weapon opposite of St. Brown and Williams. 


LT - Decker, [OPEN]

LG - Jackson, Awosika

OC - Ragnow, Glasgow, [OPEN]

RG - Glasgow, [OPEN]

RT - Sewell, Sorsdal

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