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Would You Rather Coach the Bills or the Chargers?


Which Do You Choose?  

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  1. 1. Which Do You Choose?

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Two teams seemingly in flux that could possibly can their HCs soon.

Both are currently run by Defensive coaches, and have embarrassing late game decisions fueling the fire. Locker room culture is questionable to say the least. Both teams have great big armed QBs that at times cant get out of their own way, solid weapons, some talent on defense, neither franchise has won a SB, projected mid-first draft picks.

Lets say you’re Ben Johnson and you have your choice between the two next offseason, which do you decide? 

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I don’t know enough about the Chargers to be impartial. But here is a look at the Bills needs for next year IMO and some cost saving moves that should/likely be done:


Mitch Morse
Nyhiem Hines
Deonte Harty
Tre White (sucks but probably needs to happen)

Base Restructure:

Josh Allen
Stefon Diggs
Matt Milano

That will give the Bills about $16 mil in cap space. Not enough to do anything crazy but get wave 2 and wave 3 free agents.

Currently have 10 drafts picks for 2024.

Biggest Needs:


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Given the Chargers biggest problem is that the HC is supposed to be a D guy and yet the D has been bottom 5-10 by DVOA each year, I'll take the Chargers.   At least in McDermott's case, the Bills' D downfall can be traced to losing their key core guys Matt Milano, Daquon Jones & Tre'davious White (top 5 D by DVOA before the injuries, bottom 5 since all 3 gone).

Both are good spots to be in, so it's not really this obvious call.  I also think there's only 1 of these 2 teams that will have a job opening in 2024's offseason, so.....

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10 minutes ago, DontTazeMeBro said:

Chargers. Allen needs to run but if he runs he probably won’t last that long. And Buffalo is cold af. Although seeing more opposing fans at my home games would make me want to vomit.

You’re worried about the fan situation? Tells me you don’t have much confidence in your coaching abilities. 

With me as coach, the Chargers would become the talk of the country, let alone Los Angeles. All the Rams fans would become Chargers fans trying to latch onto our success. There would never be another joke about opposing fans taking over our stadium. 


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I don’t like a lot of the Bills contracts. Roster aging. And I do feel Diggs has to go, Bills fans can try to convince me all they want, I think him and Allen hate each other but are professional with each other. 

I never thought I’d say this… puke… but the Chargers. A good HC, a good OC (horrible HC and I thought Moore was a terrible hire), and 1 great draft/offseason and they could be a contender. 

And from a non football perspective, Los Angeles is probably the best spot to live among the 32 Teams… while Buffalo has gotta be one of the worst? I don’t know much about Buffalo but I know it’s cold as hell, and not much going on compared to California. 

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9 hours ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Living in LA > living in Buffalo.

As someone in California, I’d take Buffalo’s traffic over LA any day and twice on Sunday. Besides, I like snow. 

52 minutes ago, Vladimir L said:

Rather live in San Diego

also fan base isn’t as crazy and not as much pressure


also Josh Allen is just too wreckless

I’d consider putting up with traffic for San Diego. Too bad the Chargers are in the megalopolis that is LA. 

The ultimate deciding factor, given the current state of the teams, would be fans (advantage Buffalo) and owner (don’t know enough about either). 

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