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Is this the year RT17 finally breaks out?

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Tannehill’s arm talent is supreme. He can drive a fastball from a clean pocket, he can adjust to pressure and reset to keep his mechanics correct, and he is as dangerous as anyone on the move (sans that quarterback in Green Bay.)

His ability to recognize the rush improved tenfold under Adam Gase. Keeping the down and distance manageable with safe throws on a variety of flares, play-action bootlegs, slants, bubble-screens, hitches and speed-outs, the Dolphins lured teams into big-play opportunities.

From the link Nacho posted.

Tannehill started gaining *some* national attention last year, as pundits began to reject the "he's a turrible QB" narrative which has surrounded him throughout the Philbin Era.

His statistical and "eye-test" growth has been steady, despite inept coaches and multiple offensive coordinators. Oh, and one of the worst offensive lines in football from 2012 - 2015.

The latter half of 2016 you could see things really start to click for him. Him and Gase together make for a very promising future. If the OL takes another modest step forward like it did in 2016, Tannehill will be set up very well for a "break out" 2017 campaign. He's got the weapons, he's got the same HC and OC consecutively for I think only the second time in his career?


Oh, and he has stones. Big, swinging, heavy stones.


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On 7/25/2017 at 8:41 AM, TheKillerNacho said:

Hope he keeps improving at this pace under Gase, coming back from injury.

I think the addition of Adam Gase is probably the reason for significant hopes with Tannehill.  I'm absolutely in favor of that hire at the time, and the production out of Tannehill was a huge result of the coaching he received from Gase.

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Really depends on how much Gase is imparting and RT taking in.

I hope this is the year (and he has been steadily moving that way), but we've been saying this every year! 

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