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Week 11 GDT : Los Angeles Chargers (4-5) @ Green Bay Packers (3-6)


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Chargers are pretty horrible on the road. 

What I want to see.

- Love and his young receivers continue to grow and progress.

- Sean Rhyan get a chance at RG over Runyan.

- The defense to stop the run or Barry gets fired. I'd prefer the latter.

- Our offensive line play well. 

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2 minutes ago, 15412 said:

I give the Packers likely wins vs. Giants, Panthers and Bears, with a toss up vs. Bucs.

There are upsets every week in the NFL.  Packers have one in them?  This could be the one

The Chargers are down multiple WR's but I suspect they could still pass us silly.
The last time we saw their DL....it dismantled Rodgers and our passing game entirely. I couldnt tell you how this one stacks up against that one other than it still has Bosa.

We'll see. I'll hope Love can get the time to make some things happen.

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Packers lead all-time series 10-2.

Last meeting: November 3, 2019. Chargers defeated the Packers 26-11 in Carson CA. Packers had just 184 yards total offense.

Offensively, Chargers rank 7th in points scored, 11th in total yards. Justin Herbert has thrown for 2349 yards, with 17 TD's and 5 INT's. Austin Ekeler missed 3 games earlier but is back as starter now. He has 332 yards rushing with just 3.6 YPC and 4 TD's. He also has 247 receiving yards. Joshua Kelly has 339 rushing yards, averaging 4.3 YPC. WR Keenan Allen is having a great year with 895 receiving yards and 6 TD's.

Defensively, Chargers rank 24th in points allowed, and 31st in yards allowed. In 9 games opposing QB's have thrown for 2621 yards with 14 TD and 6 INT's. Opponents have run for 918 yards, averaging 4.1 YPC. Chargers have sacked opposing QB's 31 times, led by Khalil Mack with 9.0 and Joey Bosa with 6.5.

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4 hours ago, Old Guy said:


- The defense to stop the run or Barry gets fired. I'd prefer the latter.

Seems like it's the Eckler screen pass game we gotta worry about mostly.  Though I will say Barry's defense vs RB passes can get quite bad at times.


I get a feeling we're gonna lose another close game like 27-24 style here.  I think we can play these guys close and do like we did against Pitt last week.  Problem is we just don't put together complete games on either side of the ball.

It'll come down to either Joe Barry choking a lead away again, even though to be fair to him he's only been given narrow leads to hold.  But still yeah, either that or Jordan Favre will throw another game ending unclutch interception again.  Been his MO and I don't see that changing at all this season.  I'd say he's got a monkey on his back but it's more like a big gorilla as far as it's concerned.

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