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Alabama Crimson Tide Thread

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Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller out for the year.  Rashaan Evans and Anfernee Jennings might miss some games too.  Who else do we have at OLB?  Ben Davis.  Mekhi Brown.  Would love to Vandarius Cowan ride to the challenge altho I assumed they wanted to RS him. 

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19 hours ago, theproceso said:

Da'Shawn Hand training with the OLB`s, this is very interesting and surprising at the same time.

This could be scary. If he can be effective moving around in space and rushing from wider angles, he'll be a pain to stop, especially at his size.

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2 hours ago, NickSabansHat said:

Robert Foster can fly

Really stoked for him.  We need to involve him in the offense more.  The kid is a lightning bolt.  

On the deep ball attempt to him that Hurts overthrew in the endzone, Foster kicked into 6th gear at the end and almost got there. That burst is crazy. 

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-If Hurts doesn't miss those overthrows, we win that by 40+.  Despite that ongoing issue, he looked really good.  I don't know if I've ever seen a QB run so smooth and deceptively fast.  Randall Cunningham maybe?  

Despite the media's desperate attempt to create drama, we all know Tua is getting reps which is great.  I r?lled my eyes when the sideline reporter even brought up the phrase "QB controversy."  I didn't know his younger brother committed to us for 2019.  Seamless QB transition the next several years will keep this offense humming .

-Our WR corps is flat out awesome.  So many weapons.

-Last night, Gilmore kept talking about how we don't have a primary back like normal.  Aside from the fact we've been a 1-2 punch backfield since Coffee and Ingram, I'm excited about all 4 backs (and we haven't even seen Robinson yet). Both Damien and Bo look like beasts.  Really good to see Jacobs back there.  I can see him getting some of Najee's carries soon.  Keeping Najee fresh will help down the stretch and he won't hit that freshman wall.

-OL getting better and starting to gel. Created some huge lanes for Hurts to throw and run thru.


-Defense did not look their usual self.  The defensive line is ballin out. Need to see Hand get to the QB!  Davis and a Payne are just straight up manhandling OL. 

-LB really struggling right now which is understandable.  We need Evans back ASAP.  Rashaan, SDH and Mack are a deadly ILB trio. Where's Ben Davis?  He was the highest rated out of all these guys.  I don't think I've even seen him on special teams.  As far as OLB, we gotta see who wants it the most and steps up.  I was really looking fwd to watching Lewis play   Sucks he's out for the year.

-Our secondary is really good.  Fitzpatrick is one of the best DBs I've ever seen. Averett struggled a little but Gallup is no slouch.  Wallace has quietly become a star in this group. Speaking of the star, I LOVE watching Tony Brown blitz. His speed is insane. 

-Special teams feeling more confident.  Andy Poppintags (new nickname) with some nice FG kicks building confidence.  

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I'd say he must've lost a bet but looking at his posts, it doesn't seem that way.  Maybe he's attending school there?  You can root for your school too but you can't just drop your squad.  

Just have to wait to hear it from him.  

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