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GDT WEEK 12 -MNF @Vikings


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4 hours ago, beardown3231 said:

If I was JJ, I'd sit out until I got my contract

he has stated, for what it's worth, that his contract status has zero bearing on whether he'll play or not. he knows he'll be taken care of eventually.


good luck to you, Bearz Brothers! may you find spoiler success and team growth every week, except for tonight.

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40 minutes ago, Madmike90 said:


This is new...

Also I have no idea why every QB in the NFL doesn't wear a dark visor...go to hand signals with your receivers and prevent a DB watching your eyes.

to be fair, the man has enough trouble seeing the field, before tinting his lenses

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13 minutes ago, SLCbear said:

Lots of local AND national chatter about us playing well tonight and possibly upsetting Vikes on the road 

 So I am fully expecting another huge letdown loss for us in non-Thursday primetime🔥 which is just fine 😎 


We need to lose to ensure the tank, which means Velus Jones 4 TD game incoming

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