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2024 Crazy Mock Simulations


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Here's mine, assuming Poles knows we won't be this high again and wants to fill all of the holes that he can this year and still have future resources:

Chisoxguy7 NFL DRAFT BUZZ Mock Draft

Jer'Zhan Newton Head Shot
PICK: 9 RND: 1 (CHI)
DL Illinois
Amarius Mims Head Shot
PICK: 21 RND: 1 (CHI)
Amarius MIMS
OT Georgia
Ladd McConkey Head Shot
PICK: 35 RND: 2 (CHI)
WR Georgia
JT Tuimoloau Head Shot
PICK: 36 RND: 2 (CHI)
DE-EDGE Ohio State
Kamren Kinchens Head Shot
PICK: 40 RND: 2 (CHI)
S Miami (FL)
Johnny Wilson Head Shot
PICK: 67 RND: 3 (CHI)
WR Florida State
Sedrick Van Pran Head Shot
PICK: 75 RND: 3 (CHI)
Sedrick VAN PRAN
C Georgia
Max Melton Head Shot
PICK: 110 RND: 4 (CHI)
CB Rutgers
Dallin Holker Head Shot
PICK: 125 RND: 4 (CHI)
TE Colorado State
Jordan Travis Head Shot
PICK: 146 RND: 5 (CHI)
QB Florida State
Christian Jones Head Shot
PICK: 186 RND: 6 (CHI)
Christian JONES
OT Texas
Blake Watson Head Shot
PICK: 232 RND: 7 (CHI)
RB Memphis
No Pick Head Shot
NEXT YEAR (2025)
No Pick Head Shot
NEXT YEAR (2025)
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I think if they do trade out of #1, barring some disaster for Williams in the pre draft process, I expect the trade compensation to be greater than last years trade unless they're moving to 2.  Last years QB class was a lot of question marks. This year people have at times called Williams "generational" (don't agree) but also some have rated Maye higher than that.  "Smart draft people" have rated these guys up near or with Lawrence etc.  I wouldn't necessarily agree, but if those opinions are out there there have to be shared by at least some teams, and there are a LOT of teams who need to get QB right, right now.  

Thinking 2 future firsts, trading teams first and second this year, would be minimum to move back more than a spot. 

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NFL Draft Buzz won't make the trade with Atl -  Fields for their 2nd RP anymore.

You used to be able to get all kinds of stuff if you wanted to.  Not just the 2nd.

They changed it.



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1 minute ago, dll2000 said:


NFL Draft Buzz won't make the trade with Atl -  Fields for their 2nd RP anymore.

You used to be able to get all kinds of stuff if you wanted to.  Not just the 2nd.

They changed it.



I even threw in Claypool.   They weren't having it.


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My thought process here is that I'll  take Caleb, and want too build around him NOW as priority #1..... To that effect I'll be trading Fields and next year's first rounder for 2x total picks between 40-50.  I will not entertain other trades.  EDIT if the sims downgraded him, I'll make a new mock.

1. Caleb Williams -QB


9. Dallas Turner -Edge

For Edge I need to see SPARQ scores, but right now I like him over a receiver. A second edge opposite Sweat and I think our defense can become elite. I'd add pass rusher is just frankly more important.

43. Troy Franklin-WR

Caleb is a deep ball guy, Franklin is the type of super fast, always open guy he needs. I don't expect crazy volume from him, but as a complimentary piece to DJ I think he's perfect.

44. Jackson-Powers Johnson -OC 

Seeing his name rise up the boards lately. For a wide zone scheme I'd trust an Oregon Center's mobility.  "In 2023 as a junior Powers-Johnson saw action in 13 games and totaled 829 snaps. He gave up just one QB hurry, no QB hits, and no sacks while playing at center"

75. Christian Haynes-OG

Actually Draftbuzz's #1 guard. PFN has him way lower on their sim. Not sure how realistic the pick is, but there's a number of other potentials in this range. Braelon Allen-RB interests me, Will Shipley-RB, Kris Jenkins-DT, Johny Wilson-WR, Tez Walker-WR, and Brandon Coleman-OG all also after him on the sim (not in that order)

106. Cade Stover-TE

This is intended to be a depth move, but the guy can do everything. If he hits we can run some 12 personnel, else he's there as a backup. I wanted to get younger at TE in general, behind Kmet.

118. Christian Mahogany-OG

Doubling up on the interior here. I don't trust Tevin Jenkins to stay healthy, and frankly we need depth. I actually wanted OT depth but it was getting pretty sparse.

137. Brendon Rice -WR

This is a pick I waivered on. He has a good relationship with Caleb, and he fills more of that "X" role that would still be lacking... IDEALLY we go big and get Mike Williams in FA, and Brendon is a depth guy.  The "perk" that decided it was potentially having Jerry Rice come in and talk to the team/WR room/ be around the facility a bit. Not sure how realistic it is, nor was I thrilled with Caleb's weapons at USC, but if we didn't get him I'd be searching more for a scatback type running back.



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