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What did the Giants do wrong since 2012?


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Multiple things. I think people sort of forget that the 2011 Giants were more of a "they got very hot at the right time and the streaky QB started playing out of his mind" story than being a team that was primed to continue to contend. 

The two biggest problems were. 

1. They held onto Eli way past his expiration date when the rest of the league knew he was done because the front office and fanbase was sentimental. That alone wouldn't have been a problem, but they basically wasted drafts and free agencies under the delusion that they could build around Eli and shouldn't commit to a rebuild. As great as Barkley is, they got him because they thought getting Eli a premier RB would be something that could push the team into contender status. In the 6 years since they basically ran the dude into the ground and wasted his prime years on a team that had no business investing that much in a back like that. That's just one of the key examples. But it set them back. 

2. They've done a crappy job of selecting coaches and seemingly always get some weird headcase that might look good for 5 minutes one year, but then they can't hold in their nonsense beyond that.

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