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Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence suffers ankle injury


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"something to monitor".


As in...we should probably put the entire Jaguars fanbase on mental health watch?


Why can't we have nice things???


I'm desperately hoping it's not as bad as it seemed.  But the way he tried to stand up to walk off, went to plant that angle and just completely collapsed in a heap and threw his helmet...that wasn't exactly inspiring confidence it's something minor.  Nor was limping down the hall for miles (why no cart???) putting no apparent weight on it whatsoever.

Even a "minor" ankle thing can be pretty darn disruptive for a QB.  Throwing all their footwork and mechanics off kilter and affecting the very extremely critical thing that they do on the field.

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7 hours ago, Eagles $5$ said:

I have never seen so many high profile QBs go down like this season... They keep trying to protect them, and more of them get hurt each year. 

Hopefully Trevor is ok, and its nothing serious. 

protecting the QB has turned out flawed in the end.   It also has ruined part of the game for some viewers that watched older style of football at one time. 

The amount of injuries seems higher but is it?  What a season, and still several weeks left.  

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57 minutes ago, notthatbluestuff said:

High-ankle sprain; not ruled out for Sunday per Pederson.

Not even necessarily ruled out for Sunday? T-Law seems unnaturally resilient - didn't he have some worrying injury earlier in the season after a Sunday game and ended up playing (and playing well) on Thursday night?

He could play, but a high ankle sprain will bother him the rest of the year. Kinda just something you have to sort of relax and let heal over weeks/months

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7 minutes ago, BetterCallSaul said:

It most certainly can. They heal like crap. 

so if he was to play most of the rest of the regular season, the injury could be  really affecting his play during the playoffs?  Maybe  it's bette r to rest   a player with this injury especially if you can win a few without him.  AFC has it's share of QB injuries right now, maybe they will add some more before it's done


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