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Carson Wentz Injury Update Thread (Out for season)


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8 minutes ago, ianlewis16 said:

There's no hope. Did you see the way his knee buckled sideways when he was walking off? Errrrr

There might be more than just an ACL tear. I tore my ACL and did physical therapy for a month before surgery, and my knee never did that.

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10 hours ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:


How can you say that when we needed Wentz throwing 40+ times and 4 TDs in 3 quarters for us to even keep pace with the Rams? If Foles had played the whole game, we'd have gotten blown out, no question. Are you banking on this being an anomaly of a performance for our defense? I would agree that if Foles can make defenses at least respect the deep pass a little AND the defense plays great, then we should be competitive, but I don't see it. Last week the excuse was (and I was guilty of this delusional thinking as well) "Oh well Russell Wilson poses such a unique problem, he's our defenses kryptonite!" Laughable. Russell Wilson has been around for years, he has been running the backyard offense ever since Lynch left. There is no excuse for not preparing for that, and if we did prepare for it, well then that just says all you need to know about our defense and the coaching. This week the excuse is that the Rams are a great offense? They're a good offense for sure, but they are NOT special and there is nothing to feel good about "holding" them to 28 pts and 6.8 YPP. That's about average for them...  but shouldn't a good defense at least slow them down? The Seahawks held the Rams to 10 pts and 5.3 YPP,  the Jaguars held them to 13 pts and 4.9 YPP, the Vikings held them to 7 points and 4.7 YPP. You look at their schedule and you see what's going on, much like our defense, their offense built its' reputation beating on poor defenses. The Saints game I don't even factor because the Saints were missing their 2 starting corners, one of which is their defensive MVP and an elite CB already in Lattimore. Even then the Saints did a better job than we did. 

So while statistics may paint them as a great offense, I'd beg to differ that they're only good, and not good enough to overcome good defenses... likewise, while numbers may paint our defense as great, I'd say they're only good, and not good enough to hold in check good offenses.


Our defense has struggled 5 times: the Chiefs, the Giants, the Chargers, the Seahawks and now the Rams. Outside of that I would agree they have been impressive, but "outside of that" includes no good offenses, or even good teams. Prior to these last few games, I could ignore those early games and chalk it up to the D coming into their own, and I don't regret doing that because I weigh what happened 1 week ago more than what happened 10 weeks ago... and that's exactly why I am very low on this defense right now, and will be until they prove otherwise. They won't really get an opportunity to prove me wrong until Dallas w/ Zeke (though they can prove me right against the Raiders and Giants, but I'll pray to God they don't). I just feel this defense has 2 giant weakpoints that have been identified and blown open in the past 2 weeks: tackling in space, and extended plays. The former doesn't need much explaining, we've missed so many tackles the past few weeks, it's evident and extremely concerning. The second I need to explain a bit since extended plays hurt any team, it just feels they especially hurt this team. Like our corners are only taught to cover for x amount of seconds, or more realistically, they are taught to trust the front 7 which allows them to play aggressive and very effective coverage early, but are left in compromising positions if that pressure didn't come/QB got away. Whether literally extended by a QB scrambling, or extended in the sense it lasted longer than anticipated because the DL didn't get pressure, it always looks like there's no contingency plan in this Schwartz defense to account for it. Maybe it would be easier and more proper to just say this defense has discipline issues, which, considering we're dealing with repeat offender Schwartz, is most likely.


Where did I suggest Wentz has gotten no help? Our offense has been very good, but not god enough to carry a team to 11-2. We reached our 10-1 mark through all units firing, and that's generally the case with any team to achieve 10-1 unless you're dealing with a particularly special group on either side. However, you take Carson out of that offense, and I genuinely think it goes from very good (~top 5) to average (if Foles plays "well"). A defense needs to be great to carry an average offense. I am confident we don't have that. That is why, to me, losing Wentz spells the end of the season even if Foles plays a game manager role to perfection (which is perhaps a big if). 



I bolded that 1 part, because if there's anything I want people to take away from and address in this long semi stream of consciousness post, it's that.

I just think you're making way too much out of the last 2 games, where our defense has not played well, but still done enough to get the job done.  Even against the Seahawks, we forced 5 punts that game and about a quarter of their yards came on the play where Schwartz got way too aggressive on 3rd down and brought the house rather than playing coverage. It wasn't a good game, but it wasn't like they couldn't get a stop whatsoever.  

I'll address the 5 games you mentioned the defense struggling: 

The Chiefs game was far more offense hurting us than the defense. We let up a big run to Hunt, outside of that completely stuffed a good running game.  Wentz threw an INT in our territory that game that the Chiefs turned into 6, which was ultimately the difference in the score.  The defense also was on a short field several other times because our kick coverage let us down.  A game where we had 4 sacks and forced 5 punts should be a good opportunity for a win, and we were right in it until the end.

The Giants - we literally owned them the entire game until the 4th quarter.  I was commuting to the airport, so I can't speak intelligently to everything that transpired, I know we had some lapses in coverage especially on the long TD to Shepherd.  But that was a game our defense absolutely dominated until that quarter and had 2 takeaways on top of it.

Chargers - I didn't see this game as I was in Italy, but it seems as though Rivers and Keenan Allen had their way with us. They've been doing that to a lot of teams this year. I'll concede this was a bad game for them.

Seahawks - I addressed above, it wasn't a good game for our defense as we let Wilson keep plays alive for far too long. It was a no-show all around for the Eagles.  

The Rams - their offense has talent, you can't deny that.  They have a ton of options in the passing game and Gurley is one of the best backs in the NFL. We need to clean up our tackling and edge control if we want to contain someone like him and we didn't do a good job of that yesterday.   I thought both McLeod and Jenkins played miserably in the secondary and that doesn't bode well when your two best players in the secondary have bad games.  Regardless, it is one game and easily their worst performance this season in my mind and they still came up with a crucial play to put us in game winning field goal range.  But yes, our offense and Wentz deserves much more praise for the outcome of this game than the defense.

You said we haven't played well against good offenses, I think while not elite, both Carolina and Washington have pretty solid offenses and we absolutely dominated Carolina.  Schwartz seems to have designed this defense to play super aggressive and try to cause turnovers.  Thus far, it has worked pretty well. It leaves us susceptible to the occasional big play and if we play a QB that can buy time as you mentioned, it can leave us extremely vulnerable.  This defense can absolutely still be great. Hicks is a big loss, he likely comes up with those INT that Bradham dropped this week, but we've got immense talent still in the front 7.   As the Giants showcased on both their SB runs, a consistent pass rush with four players can make a massive difference, I'd argue that while they might've had some better pure pass rushers, our defense talent wise is stronger overall.

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Just now, sunnygsm said:

Is there a best case scenario? I was so reluctant to believe this season. Then I believed. Now this. :(

From what I've gathered, best case scenario is an ACL/LCL/MCL sprain with no evidence of a full tear. Would put his recovery around 4-6 weeks.

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Just now, Remixxxxxxx said:

he's still out for the year, regardless - there is no best case for the injury, IMO. 

At least that would not hinder his progress for the following season. That way he can have at least an offseason. Otherwise he would not be able to train for God knows how long.

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