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Hungry like a Wilf


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Yes, I had to put in a title what, IMHO, is the greatest name that any former poster had...I wish he was still around because that name was awesome.  I thought about bringing back an old thread about our ownership, but didn't feel that was warranted. 



NFL team owners collect millions in revenue. They wield outsized power over their organizations and in their communities. They point to the bottom line, wins and losses, when firing coaches and executives, sometimes without giving them much time. But their own won-lost records appear nowhere.

Setting aside the Packers and their 1,430 games without an individual owner, the Chicago Bears’ Virginia McCaskey ranks No. 1 in total games (644) and wins (324), but only 16th in win rate. The Washington Commanders’ Josh Harris resides at the other end with only 13 games, and with a 4-9 record (.308) so far, that is where we begin.

12. Zygi Wilf, Minnesota Vikings: 160-140-2 (.533)

Every coach Wilf has hired posted 10-plus victories in a season within three years of taking the job. Tice went 9-7 in his final season with the team, meaning every Vikings coach under Wilf had at least one winning season. 


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Bornn thinks the most successful owners maintain a long-term view, which is easier in theory than in practice. Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf hinted at this Monday afternoon in a conversation with reporters at the NFL’s league meetings. He described his family’s philosophy as “being long term and not to be knee-jerk.” He added: “We try to be patient the best we can in a very competitive environment.”

The keyword?


Is it hard?

Wilf thought briefly before answering and chuckled.

Lying within it was the basic tension of being the owner of a sports franchise: How do you react when you expect success and instead get failure?

He said he has “a lot of confidence” in general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell, the two men the Vikings hired to chart a new path two years ago. “We know what we know, and we know what we don’t know,” Wilf added. “These guys are running our organization for a reason.”



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