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2024 Offseason Thread


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46 minutes ago, TitanRedd said:

Let’s hear it, it’s boring 

Levis was trending on my Twitter and I opened it up. Looked like a leak tape from him and his ex. 

But it's all fake 

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12 hours ago, Kookie23 said:

Alright, which one of you switched us to the timeline where NWI has a crazy breakout year

Would be nice if he's developed some better footwork/moves. Has really good hands, just has been so mediocre(or worse) at everything else.

Injuries are obviously gonna happen, and would be nice to have an improved NWI to be the #3 receiver in the event of one.

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16 hours ago, TitanLegend said:


Entire video is worth watching, but the breakdown Brett Kollmann goes in to regarding the defensive scheme we're adapting starting at about 23:07 is fantastic.

started listening on my commute this AM. Kollmann is great/makes great content

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43 minutes ago, twotonebluenation said:

Will Levis is gonna sling next year, I know it. Cant wait for the season. Cant get here soon enough. Hope yall are having a great summer.

Buddy I have no doubt in my mind my only worry Is the right side of the line 

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