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Week 15 Duds @ Buffalo GB’s and Diapers


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Gameballs: absolutely none!!! No one!! Zero!! Zilch!! Nada!!! What a disgusting display of football in every facet!! 


Jerry’s 15 week old unwashed dirty diapers after eating applesauce: I have a bunch of them! 


McCarthy - not calling a timeout to slow down the speed of the game on that fumble. 1st half 2 minute drill play calling


Run Defense - god aweful!! 67 yards rush yards allowed in first quarter, over a hundred in 1st half and 166 by mid 3rd quarter!! Cooks and Allen ran all over this defense


Offensive Line - couldn’t pass protect worth a damn


WR’s - couldn’t get open while Bills were blitzing almost every play. 


Refs - what a complete **** show!! Extremely disgusting when they don’t call a fair game and are horrendously 1 sided!


Us Fans - for believing the hype that we had turned a corner


Dak - Just because he was left out! 

Influenza or what ever stomach bug these guys have had over the last 2 weeks also deserve a dirty *** diaper too!!  

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14 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

JOCKS: The Dallas Cowboys

More jocks: @WizardHawk@DaBoys, @textaz03, @Northland, @MaddHatter, @BigD88, @NoFlyZone, @matt79511, @project T.O@Rtnldave….And everyone else who watched the entirety of that turd. You guys are dumb.

Turned it off at end of 3rd quarter when I made this thread lol

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This is the kind of game people will look back on years later and think “dang, Buffalo did that to Dallas with THAT stat line from Josh Allen?” My primary takeaway

We were due for a loss like this imo. A little surprised we were this meager on offense but not particularly 

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I thought we’d lose, and wasn’t too worried about it. I didn’t think we’d be absolutely humiliated in that fashion. Yikes.

Imagine the refs don’t call the PF on Tank, McCarthy challenges the fumble, or Sam Williams blocks the punt. Whole different ballgame. It doesn’t take much to make the wheels fall off, and unfortunately, we were on the wrong side today. We’ve been on the other side of that a lot more often this season (vs. the Eagles just last week)

Still. I don’t see how you can have any faith in this team to win a road playoff game in SF or Philly or even Detroit.

Massive turd all around. 

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GB.   Your kidding right

still have to shout out for Aubrey still it missing a FG and the amazing sack 

JS.  DLaw-SWilliams-JKearse. …   It was over after the Kearse one.   Didn’t see the fumble was at work after the first Dallas drive …. 

just a little tid bit will probably not watch the replay. Why torture myself more.   But take away the points Buffalo scored after those three PF and the final is 13-10 Buffalo…

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