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Eagles Forum Directory + Welcome & Introduction Thread

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EAGLES1977 About me... I live on the Big Island of Hawaii... been an Eagles fan since 86'... we got NFL games rarely on tv back then and I don't remember who the Eagles were playing, but I do remember Randall Cunningham scrambling while watching the game and I started to like the Eagles... It was 1988... I remember vividly a game where we played the L.A. Rams and Cunningham had 3tds and almost a 100 yards rushing... I was eyes wide open cheering for the Eagles... everything was beautiful and I was jumping up and down... In that moment I totally forgot my dad was a Rams fan... He came out and told me to Shut my mouth... thinking back all I can do is 🤣🤣🤣 Well that's when I fell in Love with them and I never looked back and I even tatooed the Eagles helmet on my back... along with the Braves logo and Heat logo... that doesn't matter anyway cause this is EAGLES FORUM... 

Thanks everyone for welcoming me 🤙🤙🤙

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7 hours ago, T-rade said:

FFMD is back?

Well, so am I! 


The other, not as funny, Dane!

Yaaas welcome back!!!!!!

All you need to know to catch up

AT&T girl has capital knockers

Jalen Hurts is Public Enemy #1


there will be a quiz at the end of the unit 

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