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Saturday Special: Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys


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2 hours ago, TecmoSuperJoe said:

Will Dallas' lose three straight??? I think not at home. 

I'll say Dallas 27 to 17. 

Win win for a Cowboy fan. Det wins, SF has to play week 18 against a Ram team that will hopefully need the game (same with an Eagle win). Cowboy win, put pressure on the Eagles to win @NYG next week. 

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Go Detroit.

Im actually picking the Cowboys to win. They are great at home plus if they lose this game then all bets are off. They will have no shot to get the 1 seed or win the division. Losing another game to a good team will be a bad sign as they head into the playoffs where they would face good teams. Also the only good thing we can say about Dallas is they win at home so that will be gone too. They have to win this game. Detroit clinched the division and while they still have 1 seed hopes too I feel like this could be a let down spot for them. I hope I’m wrong though bc these are the games that if Detroit want to truly be a Superbowl contender they have to win.

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Everyone is making a big deal out of the Cowboys winning 15 out of 16 at home the last two seasons, but let's take a look at who they've really beaten in that time.

Philadelphia (2)
Washington (2)
NY Giants (2)
NY Jets
New England
LA Rams

Two wins against Philly is nice, and Cincinnati. Not a lot of other teams of consequence here, and before you say har har Detroit is on there, that was before they put it together in the middle of last season.

I'd still say the game leans toward Dallas but if you think it's some kind of foregone conclusion, you should think twice.

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1 hour ago, Forge said:

This is a game with big time consequences: I'll take the winner seriously and consider the loser a fraud

Well it would be 3 in a row for Dallas and obviously we all know any team that loses 3 in a row is a fraud regardless of what else happens in the season right? 😏

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