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Finale GDT - Bears/Packers


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4 minutes ago, TankWilliams said:

Knowing the Bears, it'll probably be a blow out in one direction or the other.

Here's what I'm thinking:

- Bears start fast and are leading after 1

- The offense does virtually nothing for the next 2-2.5 quarters

- Packers are winning 20-17 late. Bears have them in a 3rd and long and the refs call some horse**** illegal contact on a corner

- Packers run out the clock

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That conservative play calling to make sure you get 3 points on the first drive of the game is BS...back to back plays Fields shows what he does best...drive the ball down the field...we have to do that as much as possible and not play this short game.

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The big takeaway there is he completed his first 3 passes and at least 2 of them where vs zone and over the middle

I didn't get to see the third. 

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2 minutes ago, TankWilliams said:

Looks like the sod is not giving guys a ton of traction.  It looks like Soldier field usually does this time of year.

Doesn't seem good at all...bad news for pass rushers

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