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Falcons fire HC Arthur Smith


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3 minutes ago, Jameson_Neat said:

Pretty impressive to go 7-10 in three consecutive years. 

I think they've picked 8 each year too (the results of his coaching I mean...22,23, 24 they had the 8th pick)

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7 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

They literally fired him when the clock struck midnight for Black Monday.

He deserved it for losing to the Satans like he did. 

5 minutes ago, Sugashane said:

Rumor has it they had movers packing up his office during the game.

I am also starting that rumor.


4 minutes ago, DawgX said:

Good for them. Dude sucks.


4 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

Maybe now they can find someone who understands how to use a TE with freakish talent. 

That would help. 

2 minutes ago, General Tso said:

free my man @scar988

Who’s your man?

2 minutes ago, game3525 said:

Damn, that was quick. Staley at least got to 12 pm till Spanos gave him the pink slip.

Smith was a jackass. And got more jackassed the longer he was here. 

1 minute ago, Scoundrel said:

That’s what playing a QB like Ridder will do to you…

That’s what not hiring a QB coach to help fix Ridder’s mechanics will do. Almost like those two things are tied together. The throws today that were off were completely mechanically off. Talent level aside for the QB situation here. They didn’t develop or get the most out of the QBs here. We’ve seen Heinicke, Mariota and Ryan all play better elsewhere. Issue was Arthur. 

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