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Divisional Round GDT: Chiefs @ Bills. Is 3rd time the charm?


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Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs Preview: Prediction, Best Bets, Odds,  Depth Charts (12/10/23)










The Last 5:

Date Visitor     Home   Result Box Score
12/10/2023 Buffalo Bills 20 @ Kansas City Chiefs 17 W Box
10/16/2022 Buffalo Bills 24 @ Kansas City Chiefs 20 W Box
01/23/2022 * Buffalo Bills 36 @ Kansas City Chiefs 42 L/OT Box
10/10/2021 Buffalo Bills 38 @ Kansas City Chiefs 20 W Box
01/24/2021 † Buffalo Bills 24 @ Kansas City Chiefs 38 L



Buffalo has done well in the regular season but twice since the 2020 season, KC has knocked the Bills out of the playoffs. Will the home field make a difference?


Bills Injury report:



Chiefs Injury report:



Quick Synopsis:

If not now, when? The Bills have won 3 straight regular season games in KC but when the playoffs roll around, they come up short. Last time was a heartbreaking OT loss. Can the Bills get their revenge Sunday? Josh Allen went his usual playoff god mode last week vs Pittsburgh and the defense did their part. Buffalo got major contributions on offense from Kincaid and Shakir which was needed in the absence of Gabe Davis. 

Davis may be back for this game, but on defense we'll have to wait and see about Terrell Bernard, Taron Johnson, Christian Benford, Taylor Rapp, Rasul Douglas, Baylon Spector and Tyrel Dodson. This game likely comes down to whether the offense can score and move the ball consistently.

I think they can, and they will.


Bills 28
Chiefs 20

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I'll go Bills 31-KC 27. 

I think our offense will have a good day, the only injury we really have is Gabe Davis but the OL has been great all season plus the emergence of Kincaid, Cook, and Shakir gives Allen a lot more to work with than just Diggs. 

On defense I feel worse about due to all the injuries. But this is the exact reason McDermott took over play calling duties and is the defensive coordinator. He did not like how the defense played in big time situations. McDermott has been amazing all year with the defense and overcoming injuries. Can he formulate a gameplan to "slow" down Mahomes and the Chiefs? I think to a certain degree he will.

But based on prior years in the playoffs, I'm almost expecting the Chiefs to win smh. Prove me wrong Bills!

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13 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:


Wow the injury report today is so much better than expected, especially coming off a Monday football game. 

  • "There is hope" for Bernard?! As in this weekend?!! Or there is hope that he returns this post season? Regardless amazing news considering the fact he was carted off with a towel over his head. 
  • Taron Johnson is practicing in some limited fashion today but is still in protocol. Another positive, he's obviously feeling good and should hopefully clear the protocol if he's able to practice and run around the field. 
  • Douglas and Dodson are on track to play. 

If the above four can play then I may be changing my game prediction lol. 

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Matt Haack was signed today which probably means no Martin for at least this week. Heard Bernard didn't suffer any broken bones so maybe just a high ankle sprain with him?? But would assume he'd still miss this week at minimum.

Hoping this is the year we can get past KC. Getting past them in the regular season doesn't mean anything if we can't get by them in the playoffs. Contain Kelce and don't let them get deep. Run defense should hold up well. Lets see if we can make Mahomes whine post game twice in one season...

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1 hour ago, Trentwannabe said:

Ruled out:

WR Gabe Davis

S Taylor Rapp

CB Christian Benford

LB Baylon Spectar


Sam Martin and Terrell Benard.


Douglas and Dodson should be good to go and Taron is likely questionable but I bet he plays. 

Still crazy to me that Bernard might be playing Sunday.. Which to me he's going to. They didn't rule him out which means it's a true game time decision and I believe he'll find a way to toughen it out and play in the biggest game of his career / the year so far. 

Douglas and Dodson are good to go. I believe Taron Johnson will be cleared as he's practiced all week. Bernard I feel like they're keeping him off that ankle and plan to shoot it up Sunday to deal with the pain. We'll see!

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2 hours ago, bigbadbuff said:

I don’t see us winning tbh. Haven’t seen a path all week. 

2 days less rest, banged up defense. Bad spot going against Reid and Mahomes. 

Hope I’m wrong.

I don’t buy the defense is banged up story.

Looks like Bernard will be the only starter missing and that is still unknown. 

Zero excuses for the offense not to go out and win this game. 

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53 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

I don’t buy the defense is banged up story.

Looks like Bernard will be the only starter missing and that is still unknown. 

Zero excuses for the offense not to go out and win this game. 

I agree that there’s no excuses offensively. Still banged up defensively, but I also agree that the Bills need to win this game. I’m not making excuses, I’m just expecting the let down lol.

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