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Week 15: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants


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you clearly know nothing about him. This is the only off the field incident he had. He was drunk, big deal. Find a player in the draft that was never drunk in public before. The draft wouldnt exist. He wasnt even doing anything wrong here. He was drunk and ran, big deal. Players have done DRASTICALLY worse. Tunsil had a video released of him with a pot mask on  the day of the and teams passed. Now he is one of the best linemen in football. These guys have lives aside from the field. The notion that he is the next manziel are stemming from people that have no clue about him, watch this video, and formulate an opinion. Mayfield is all about football, and he is a born winner. Is he egotistical? Yeah, because he is insanely competitive and obsessed with winning, Johnny was more obsessed with the party life style and  being a celebrity. In no world can you compare the competitive nature and passion of mayfield to manziel. Go through Baker's instagram. Its 85% football and 15% his girlfriend and teammates. No pictures about anything that would even be remotely be considered partying, fame, drugs, or any of those negative things. Then go through Manziel's. Come back and tell me what you see. The fact that you judge someone off ONE 58 second video/incident is completely unfair to him and everything he has done. That incident aside, him as a player is leaps and bounds better than manziel. Again not even close. In conclusion I'm not concerned with an off-season incident about a kid being drunk. Big whoop!

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