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If the Bengals left Cincy...

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41 minutes ago, Futbudds said:

My guess is Mikey still thinks PA still has the reputation around the league that he had ten years ago. He might be the best chance to keep his job next to Simmons depending on what Mikey is thinking.

I wouldn't mind if Simmons kept his job, tbh.  When the back of the roster isn't in huge flux, his ST's units have been pretty good.  He coaches them well and does well with the talent given him.  That last second field goal a few years ago with no timeouts left is a good example of how he coaches his units for situations.  And ST's are all just situations.

And no, i don't think Mike still thinks that.  If he was in love with his coaching staff, he would have extended Marvin already.  You guys are so pessimistic, but really, the fact that Marvin has two weeks left on his deal should be the indicator to you that this coaching staff is going to have a huge turnover this offseason.  Including Paul Alexander.

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