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NFL HOF class of 24


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I'm just so proud and happy for Willis. He was the heart and soul of some incredible teams. The first 49er I saw from draft day to retirement, to now the Hall of Fame. 


I love all the guys he is going in with, too. Andre Johnson was a quiet assassin, absolute game changer. Peppers and Freeney were very different but so fun to watch for all those years. I wasn't sure if Hester would be let in or not, but I'm all for it. If kickers/punters are allowed then a dude like Hester does, too. 

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3 minutes ago, Soggust said:
8 minutes ago, Xenos said:

Gates not making it first ballot is just horrible 🤬

Agreed and we are gonna have to pick on Hester when we complain, right

Hester the only player i would remove for Gates.   Hard to argue against Hester though

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Andre Johnson made it. I thought he was going to have to wait for a while, but I'm glad that wasn't the case. Superb. 

Peppers getting in is great. Liked watching him play. 

And long time suffering Broncos fans can finally rejoice that Randy Gradishar is in Canton. Way the phunk overdue. 

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