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2025 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (Edited 6/29/24)


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On 5/15/2024 at 7:57 AM, jebrick said:

Wilson is calling defenses in OTAs at this point.  Has more experience at MLB than Shazier did when he was drafted.  Realizing it took 1.5 years for the lightbulb to go on for Shazier I think Wilson is more advanced in his reads than Shazier.

The Steelers have signaled that they do not expect to get much out of Holcomb this season due to his injury.  Read into that what you will.  I think Wilson and Roberts will rotate to start the season but I expect  Wilson to be starting sooner rather than later and have the same role that Shazier had.


i do think DL and QB will be high picks in 2025.  Here is the logic for the QB

If Russ is fantastic, they probably can't afford him but could franchise him.
If Russ is great in success but not exactly lighting it up, you offer him a 2-year deal for good money, let Fields go, & draft his successor.
If Russ is mediocre, you walk away at the end of the year, sign Fields to be a #2 slash placeholder starter, draft a QB.
If Russ is terrible, you insert Fields in 2024 and see what you've got
............. if he's great, you've found your franchise QB
............. if he's terrible, you walk away after 2024
............. if he's mediocre or pretty good, you ditch Russ, sign Fields to be the #2/placeholder starter while you groom your shiny new QB pick.

At this point, I would draft a DL for them in any mocks.  They need a active 1 tech, a replacement for Cam Heyward ( 5 tech with great motor).  Consider that Benson makes a good 3 tech I think that is covered.

Maybe but they do have Leal on the DL and I think he has great upside, brought in Lowry who can be solid at times and Logan Lee could be a solid pro but we will see.  ILB sure again if Wilson is legit great at that position no need to draft one.  But to me Queen is not some amazing player, Roquan Smith was the legit ILB on the Ravens and Queen was fast and athletic but he is not Roquan Smith who changed that defense when he arrived.  So Queen is not a game changer at the position, time will tell but to me he is not even close to as impactful as Roquan so if the Steelers think they are getting that they are mistaken.  Lawson could have been a 1st round pick this past year and has great upside but sure maybe that is not the way to go if Wilson can be big time there which he possibly could.  Or he will be the replacement OLB for the often injured Watt along with Herbig, and that OLB backup spot is an issue because after Herbig and Wilson it takes a big drop off.  


For QB I just feel one of those two will be their QB moving forward and why draft a QB #1 round if so.  Could easily wait and get a variety of different options at QB throughout the draft and even into UDFA picks.  They are damn lucky to have to super talented QBs on the roster currently and both get paid very little considering how good they are.  Sure that will change in the future but for right now not sure any team has had two QBs like that on a roster together that make so little.


The Steelers have a very promising roster, they had solid moves last year in the offseason and this season it is even better.  If the OL comes together they could be a really solid team.  But health of course does come into play, if say Watt and Heyward are hurt a lot of the year that changes a lot of things potentially.  

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Leal is a bust at this point.  Failure at DL and failure at standup OLB.  I think this is his last year on the Steelers but he gets one more try.

31 minutes ago, Ozzy said:

For QB I just feel one of those two will be their QB moving forward and why draft a QB #1 round if so.

We will agree to disagree as I enumerated in my previous post.  We will see when the season gets rolling.


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Harold Perkins Jr LSU JR OLB:  Been toying back and forth with Carter and Perkins, and after digging in more on Perkins damn that kid is good.  I think it is easy to forget that because he plays on such a sub par LSU defense compared to what they usually are.  Their DL even this up coming season will be pretty suspect compared to years past, has decent ILB help but that is it, the secondary will not nothing great especially if Alexander gets hurt again.  What Perkins is in the NFL, I do not know, he could maybe be a hybrid Reddick type who is a OLB in a 4/3 but really drops as a pass rusher most of the time.  Is small no question but could also be a more athletic version of Dre Greenlaw.  Perkins is a great pass rusher who can really bend and get under the tackle and get around them.  He is a missile as a tackler, super powerful and explosive despite only being 6-1 220.  Dude could be a tackling machine potentially if he improves his instincts and awareness a bit, and is interesting Carter they are putting on the DE with possibly hand down in the dirt, Perkins moving more towards being a OLB that rushes only at times and plays in space more.  Was pretty decent with it last year and with more improvement could be very promising even in a 4/3 defense.  Kid is explosive no question about it but does suck not having him rush the passer a lot because he is so good at that.  Even think of Perkins as an athletic blitzing downhill ILB, kid could be awesome in that as well even in a 4/3 or 3/4.  I changed and moved Carter back down and Perkins back up for the moment.


Matthew Bedford Oregon RS SR OG/OT:  Added him to being a late round pick but could play his way to more a mid rounder.  Like his build on the OL and versatility to be possibly a OG or an OT.  Could do great on Oregon no question about it, and makes an already solid group even better at Oregon on the OL.


Garmon Randolph Baylor RS SR DE/OLB:  Added him as well, I thought he was in this 2024 draft but he was not.  Has been hurt on and off which has not helped his progression but the dude is so huge and really looks the part.  We will see if he can finally put it all together, same can be said with his other edge mate on Baylor Steve Linton who could have a breakout year as well.  


Landon Jackson Arkansas SR DE:  I am tempted to move him up to the #1 true 4/3 DE drafted potentially, kid has such upside and really is the part physically especially if he can play that quickly and move that well at a legit 6-7 280.  Could have a real breakout season this year and rise up a lot but time will tell like it will for a lot of edge players who have to take that next step.  Physically could easily say Jackson is as impressive as any of them and could be a Carlos Dunlap type player in the league at that massive size who can move.  


Asa Turner Florida RS SR S:  Transferred from Washington after being hurt most of the season last year.  I like his awareness and his vision at safety, good size as well and has played a lot of football.  Could be really solid on an already solid Florida secondary.  


Sonny Styles Ohio State JR OLB:  He is a player I currently do not have declare or in the draft but damn that kid could be a standout OLB potentially.  Already a pretty proven safety honestly and if he can legit play OLB in a 4/3 system and be a coverage backer, just a bit of improved toughness and he could be something.  Already at a super impressive 6-4 230 and part of easily the most talented defense in the country.  Will be one to watch and could be a riser real quick but depends on if he can become a more physical linebacker or not.  With Downs and Ransom Styles will not be a safety and doubt they play three safeties with three such good corners already.  So at LB in a need position for them will be fun to watch him this year.  


Darian Varner Cincinnati RS SR OLB/DE:  I did not include him in the drafted group of players, but he is promising.  I was excited about him going to Wisconsin but clearly things did not workout there in that system and he did not see the field.  But in a different system he could be solid and was solid on Temple before.  Cinci has Bartlett and Corleone in the middle so could be an active group and Varner might get back on track.  

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On 2/18/2024 at 10:21 AM, sparky151 said:

I'm a Buckeye fan and looking forward to seeing Judkins this season. He's already had a lot of carries so splitting with Henderson should work out for him. He'll get most of the short yardage carries that Miyan Williams or Chip Trayanum had the last couple of years.

Why didn't Henderson declare for 2024? He could have been the first back taken in the draft.

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Posted (edited)

A few players I thought were out of eligibility or were in the 2024 NFL draft.  All are back in college and three of these guys I have no as late 7th round picks potentially.



*Nay'Quan Wright USF RS SR RB:  Breakout season last year and should continue again this season, should be even better, a real powerful runner with good lower leg drive.


*David Gbenda Texas RS SR LB:  Very glad he is back at Texas, love his open field speed and quickness at LB, flashed more than once last year.  Should be part of a standout Texas defense and teamed with Hill they will have amazing quickness and burst at the LB position.  Gbenda could rise up the draft no question and could have a breakout year.  


*Ron Heard II Notre Dame RS SR S:  Has potential and on that Notre Dame defense could standout a lot more and get more attention.  Good versatility as a safety, might play some slot for them as well, teamed with Watts they could have one of the best safety tandems in the country.  Heard was really solid last year on Northwestern.  


*Oscar Cardenas UTSA RS SR TE:  I like his size and power at TE, I do not have him in the field of drafted players right now but is one to watch for being a two tool TE who can block and catch.


*Ricky White III UNLV RS SR WR:  Michigan State transfer, had a great season last year and is a very smooth route runner with good hands.  Could be a solid late round pick potentially, could have another big year for UNLV despite Maiava transferring out, White is a legit deep threat.  


*Karene Reid Utah SR LB:  Coming off an injury he could be a solid season, is a deceptive pass rusher despite his small size and has some great toughness inside.  He can run at the position and could be a late round pick potentially.


*Johnny Hodges TCU RS JR ILB:  I am not sure he will declare being a RS JR this year, depends on his health but have to like the fire he plays with and the anticipation.  Was hurt last year after that big season where they went to the title game.  Like his instincts for the position but has to be able to stay on the field and remain healthy, with a good year he could maybe become a late round draft pick.





Jayden Maiava USC SOPH QB, is not in the 2025 draft but that kid could be an absolute star, transferred out of UNLV where he ripped it up last year.  Has the size and a thick build, at USC he could become their starting QB quickly and has the skills to become an elite player at the position with continued development.  Would be shocked if he is not the starter by the end of the season or gets his chance at some point this year.


Dylan Raiola at Nebraska is absolutely massive for that program.  He as a QB has more arm talent and upside than any QB that has ever played at the University of Nebraska.  They have never had a QB with an arm like that even in the history of that program.  It is a historic get for them and they will be wildly improved with Raiola at QB.  Total game changer and should have a great season, they have a solid experience OL, good TEs, stable of RBs and a solid defense with good safeties and a good DL.  Is a long shot but they have an outside shot at being undefeated going into the Ohio State game, and could be 7-0 but time will tell.  Still easily he is the most talented QB ever at Nebraska, then again that is not saying a ton but still...


Alabama people are sleeping on, they just assume they will suck because Saban is gone and sure maybe.  But that offense is going to be hell to go up against and they have the best power run game in the nation when you combine the mobility of Milroe with power runners in Miller and Haynes, they will be tough.  Not to mention they have the best pure run blocking side in the country with Booker and Proctor who move people and an improved center potentially with Brailsford and a solid OG in Roberts and two potential rising stars in Formby and Alinen not to mention Pritchett who should be the OT opposite Proctor.  They will be improved on that OL no question.  The defense could take a step back but honestly if Caleb Downs was still on the team, they would be ranked #1 in the country.  Without him it is a big loss but getting Sabb was big for them and he could be a fine safety and having Moore return is huge because of his versatility.  If they can solid play at CB out of Jackson, Brown or Hurley watchout.  And one of the pass rushers in Alexander, Koht, Keeley and Robinson one of them will show out and become an elite player.  



Two offenses to watchout for are NC State and Miami.  NC State with Grayson McCall, he could have a real breakout season with solid pass protection in Belton and an improved transfer center in Correll, good power runner in the transfer Waters and a super star WR in Concepcion.  Far more talent around him, could help out McCall a lot who is already extremely proven, but that D will have to show out for them to have team success.

Then Miami with Cam Ward, could be a great offense with George and Restrepo at WR who will be a big problem, the addition of power back Martinez is huge for the program and gives them one heck of a force.  They already have a really solid OL with solid tackles in Rivers and Mauigoa and the powerful Cooper on the inside.  They will be hard to go up against, but defensively on the secondary could be an issue.  

Edited by Ozzy
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  • Ozzy changed the title to 2025 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking (Edited 6/29/24)

After watching Deshawn Pace a bit more, moved him way up into being possibly a 3rd or 4th round pick.


That guy is a dude, and like his brother has great lower leg power and drive, can really stone guys cold in the open field.  Love that toughness,  great grit, versatile player who could possibly transition into a coverage/speed OLB or be a great SS that is down in the box.  Good in space and good on screen plays, read and reacts very quickly.  Could have a breakout season now on UCF after the last four years at Cincinnati.  


Could become a Josh Metellus type talent or if he transitions to linebacker maybe a Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah type on the high end of a Jamien Sherwood type player.  Deshawn is a really interesting talent and it does help that his brother is Ivan Pace who had such a great rookie season as a UDFA.  

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