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"It's only week 15" Mock *Updated 12/15*


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We are going into week 15 with a shot at the playoffs. However, I'm not optimistic that a) we'll run the table and/or b) make the cut to get into the playoffs. Even if we do make the playoffs, I don't see a team that has the tools to be a legitimate contender. This has been a rather frustrating team to watch. As a draft nerd, looking forward to the 2018 draft at least gives me some reprieve from the frustrations of the regular season.

*Will provide some updates and picks 5-7 afterwards



Trade Eric Ebron to Miami for 2018 4th Round Pick: Ebron has never lived up to his spot at the 10th overall pick, especially with the plethora of players passed over for him. He might just need a change of scenery while the Lions look to move on.

Trade Ameer Abdullah to Buffalo for 2018 5th Round Pick: Abdullah was a bit of a headscratcher when he was selected in the 2nd round. He has shown some flashes but has never really been the player the Lions need. Theo Riddick basically does everything Abdullah can do but better. The Bills have a ton of picks and look to see if Abdullah can be Shady's replacement on the cheap.


Ezekiel Ansah: I am not opposed to bringing Ansah back but I feel he is going to get a contract offer beyond what his production values based on his physical talents.

Haloti Ngata: I personally think he's going to retire. I have no expectations he'll be back or want to be back either way.


CAP ROOM (According to Spotrac with Ebron and Abdullah trades): $66M +/-


Tahir Whitehead - $4M/3 years

Darren Fells - $1.5M/2 years

Matt Prater - $3M/3 years

TOTAL = $8.5M


Alex Okafor, DE: Replacement for Ansah. Should get more consistent play and production for similar money (according to Spotrac). $9.5M/4 years

Luke Wilson, TE: A local guy that has been an above average playmaker for Seattle. Contract approx. $3M/3 years

Kyle Fuller, CB: Slay needs someone on the other side to provide support. Doesn't hurt to poach talent from a team in your division either. $4M/4 years

Star Lotulelei, DT: We need a dominant force in the trenches. Should pair up well with Robinson and Wilkins. Helps bring back the focus on DL as a team strength. $7M/

Terrelle Pryor, WR: The Terrelle Pryor experiment in Washington took a nosedive. It's possible that he re-signs in Cleveland and gets paired up with Josh Gordon. If he's available, sign him to a 1 year 'prove-it' deal. On a team with a gunslinging QB like Stafford and a decent supporting cast, he could have an Alshon Jeffrey like turnaround. $3M/1 year

Carlos Hyde, RB: It would be terrible planning to trade away Abdullah and rely on Riddick + a 4th round rookie to carry the load. I expect Detroit to spend a little cash to bring in an above average veteran RB to help shore up the run game. $5M/4 years

Mason Foster, LB: Davis has had an up and down rookie year. Foster comes in as a veteran that can play inside and out. If he has to, he can solidify the MLB spot. $2.5/3 years

TOTAL = $34M


1) Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

2) Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma

3) Andrew Brown, DE, Virginia

4) (from MIA) Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon

4) Adonis Alexander, CB, Virginia Tech

5) Darren Carrington III, WR, Utah

5)(from BUF) Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State

7) Brendan Mahon, OG/OC, Penn State






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I really like the first two selections actually. I think Wilkins would be really good next to Robinson going forward, and Andrews looks like the type of TE we need that can stretch out the field a bit. He had 10+ receptions over 20 yards this year and Lions could use a big play TE threat. Only real thing about him is he's a bit like Tarzan plays like Jane in terms of blocking. I think I read somewhere he really insisted on playing WR and being in a WR role.  Still you can scheme around his run blocking and for crying out loud he's big enough to learn how to be a functional blocker, doesn't have to be physical/powerful blocker on the goal-line necessarily with the other two TE's on the roster.

I feel the same about Ziggy as well. I think he was a great player, he was a guy you could of built things around but idk if it's injury related or what he's just not that player anymore. He's an average DE at this point imo, and he's going to get paid good money imo from some other team besides the Lions. I also don't blame him for not giving a home town discount at this point in his career, likely his last contract... Unless he really bounces back from these nagging injuries but two/three years are some sort of proof in the pudding I'd say.

Not buying the Zach Eifert. A dear old poster told me long ago when I was about 7 years younger, don't pay for injured players or players with major injury history. A back injury is a MAJOR injury compared to broken bones, etc. Unless he literally signed for the league minimum I wouldn't touch Eifert. We're ready to compete now if we have a great offseason and, imo, he can go prove he's back on another team, we can't afford to mess up his roster spot really, especially if you trade Ebron like you did here.


Not sure about the boys from Virginia. Don't know much about them so tough to say anything either way.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have a few more things to toss in here to round things out.

I think we're set at WR for the next two years and have guys with different skillsets. Tate gives you that YAC while Jones has developed into that deep threat. Golloday was an out of nowhere 3rd round guy - he's made plays and has size. I expect him to develop into a more reliable 3rd WR. We need a playmaking TE, which is the role Ebron was supposed to play. The reason for a guy like Eifert is that TE's take time to develop. If you look at Zach Ertz or Travis Kelce, they took about 3 years to really become the player they are. A guy like Eifert, assuming good health, is to fill that spot for about two years. Take pressure off of Andrews and let him develop and learn the position without the same pressure to produce immediately. Fells has done a nice job for us but he's on the back end of his career. Can't rely on him moving forward as your TE.

I don't know a ton about the Virginia boys myself. Still super early in the process and I haven't been able to watch as much CFB as I'd have liked. I pulled some rankings from Walterfootball. Mainly just found a DE that should fit and get developed into an option for us. Along the same lines as Zettel with more upside.

Thoughts on Freeman in the 4th? I'm expecting we keep Riddick in his role, draft Freeman and sign an above average vet FA. Keep 4 RB's, so someone like Tion Green would round things out. I like Freeman's size, has good power. Moves a lot smoother for a big guy too. Can make some plays in the passing game too. He's a 4th round guy, you can't expect him to be a stud out of the gate. I expect him to be the starter or being in a 50/50 timeshare by end of season.

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I don't want anything to do with Eifert, dude cant stay healthy.  I feel if Ziggy comes cheap enough why not sign both we need  more pass rushers. I do like the first to picks but don't know much about the guys past that honestly.

good trades with aa and ebron( I kinda want to see how he finishes up the season if good I wouldn't mind keeping him)


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1 hour ago, flyguy1609 said:

I don't want anything to do with Eifert, dude cant stay healthy.  I feel if Ziggy comes cheap enough why not sign both we need  more pass rushers. I do like the first to picks but don't know much about the guys past that honestly.

good trades with aa and ebron( I kinda want to see how he finishes up the season if good I wouldn't mind keeping him)


Updated to Luke Wilson. He's a local guy and would get an increased role/opportunity here.

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