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2017 Game Day Thread Sign-up (Don't be weak. Give us a week.)


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2017 - The season is FINALLY upon us.



Year 2 of the rebuild is underway.


It is time to decide who is going to do the GDT for each of the games this season.

Let me know which week you want, and I'll plug your name into the chart.  

Keep in mind, the migration is ongoing, so lets leave a few weeks open for our brethren who are yet to make the journey across the digital street to join us.



Week 1 Saints at Browns (Bucketheadsdad)

Week 2 Giants at Browns (Bucketheadsdad)

Week 3 Browns at Buccaneers (Mastercheddaar)

Week 4 Browns at Bears (Bucketheadsdad)

Regular Season

Week 1 Steelers at Browns (LETSGOBROWNIES)

Week 2 Browns at Ravens (brooks1957)

Week 3 Browns at Colts (DaWg_LB.)

Week 4 Bengals at Browns (Your name here)

Week 5 Jets at Browns (zelbell)

Week 6 Browns at Texans (Your name here)

Week 7 Titans at Browns (Fatgerman)

Week 8 Vikings at Browns (London) (Your name here)

Week 9 Bye (candyman93)

Week 10 Browns at Lions (brooks1957)

Week 11 Jaguars at Browns (Your name here)

Week 12 Browns at Bengals (Your name here)

Week 13 Browns at Chargers (freakygeniuskid)

Week 14 Packers at Browns (Your name here)

Week 15 Ravens at Browns (Your name here)

Week 16 Browns at Bears (Your name here)

Week 17 Browns at Steelers (Thomas5737)







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So, who has our Monday night game on ESPN GDT?

Come on....step up.  

National TV.  Browns vs. a team from the largest market in the country.  

We're coming off a 1-15 season.  They've got a Manning playing for them.


I'm sure there won't be any sort of onesidedness from the broadcasters.


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